Influencer Records Her Abortion, Goes Viral for Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud – A Child is “Only” Valuable If It’s Wanted 

Jordan Estabrook - 08 May 2024

Social media influencer Nelly London was covered by Cosmopolitan for her viral social media video, which said the quiet part out loud about abortion advocates stance – your child is only valuable if you want it. Her words are morally detached and chilling.  


“Those few days between making that phone call and visiting the clinic were utterly surreal, just walking around being pregnant when I didn’t want to be… pregnancy at that moment didn’t fit in with the timeline I’d always pictured for myself. I’m now not sure if I’ll ever have children but if I do, I don’t think it will be until I reach my mid-thirties.” 

However, as she progressed through her story, it became clear that she was rationalizing the pain of her abortion experience through Chemical Abortion Pills, her decision to do it, and the accompanying guilt. Turns out, devaluing your child may receive the praise of your followers and allow you to make your own plans, but the physical and emotional pain that follows only points to the truth of the decision: when a mother chooses abortion, her preborn baby dies. 

London wrote: “To help me work through my own feelings, I started writing everything down. Quickly, I had pages and pages, and somehow whilst truncating it all, it turned into a poem.”  

Whether she knows it or not, those are the actions of a grieving, first-time mother. The Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) found in a peer-reviewed study published by the International Journal of Women’s health that women who aborted their first pregnancy had increased post-mental health treatment supposed to women who chose life and gave birth.  The study also found that first-time abortive mothers are 3.4 times more likely to have outpatient visits for mental health reasons, 5.7 times more likely to have inpatient visits for mental health reasons, and19.6 times more likely to have longer hospital stays for mental health reasons.  

London also says what Students for Life of America (SFLA) has been saying all along about the physical side effects, including infection, profuse bleeding, blot clots, body shakes, nausea, diarrhea, uncontrollable sweating, fever, and chills. Somehow, she made it seem slightly more positive regarding her abortion experience, saying, “I can’t fault the clinic staff at all, they were so lovely, but I do wish I’d been made more aware of what the actual physical process of having an abortion would be like.” 

Many women are told it will just feel like a bad period, yet London’s story shows that’s not the case, as she describes a nightmare experience. She describes cramps like labor pains, involuntary body jerking, and “weird thrashing motions and banging my head against things.” Does this sound safe to you?  

Even London admitted in her abortion video, “This cannot be humane.”


It isn’t. SFLA Spokesperson Lydia Taylor reacted to London’s Instagram video, stating, “It’s not humane. There’s nothing humane about forcing chemicals into your body to kill your child. This video is so unsettling because this influencer is acknowledging that her abortion was painful and emotional and yet she ignores the fact that her abortion ended the life of her baby.” 


“You deserve that little bean, the one you’re struggling to conceive,” London says into the camera. “But I deserve autonomy over my own body.” But the baby deserved better, a chance to be seen and known as his or her mother is on social media.

The Cosmopolitan article and London’s abortion Instagram video is a real life to attempt to maintain cognitive dissonance regarding the killing of a preborn child. She was a mother, and now her child is dead, and no amount of convincing herself and people otherwise is going to change that, nor will it bring her true healing.   

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