Mount Saint Mary’s University Dubbed April’s Group of the Month!  

Jordan Estabrook - 29 Apr 2024

The presence of an active Students for Life of America (SFLA) group at an openly pro-choice university is crucial to changing minds and hearts for life. Though it may seem daunting and near impossible to create change, something is inspiring about a small but determined group of pro-life students standing against a hostile administration. Such groups are desperately needed in our current social and political climate, but what about pro-life universities? Is there work to be done at schools that have been historically conservative and pro-life?   

If you asked the students of Mount Students for Life, the answer would be a resounding “Yes!”  

Mount Saint Mary’s University is a Catholic university in northern Maryland with a highly active SFLA group. Though the school itself favors the pro-life position, members of Mount Students for Life find plenty of ways to advance the cause of life further. This April is no exception, as they hosted the Stop Abortion Extremism spring tour, ran a Cemetery of the Innocents display, volunteered at their local Pregnancy Care Center, and attended a local pro-life conference. They plan on praying in front of their local abortion facility later this month.   

The Mount Saint Mary’s tour stop is a fantastic example of how this group is making a difference. Maryland is currently facing the Reproductive Freedom Amendment, which will be voted on in November. During the tour, it became apparent that most of Mount Saint Mary’s students had no knowledge of this proposed amendment. Mount SFLA members encouraged their fellow students to vote pro-life first, and even a few pro-abortion students expressed that they would vote against the amendment because they opposed abortion extremism.   

Even at a pro-life university, there are bound to be some outspoken pro-abortion individuals. The tour was set up near another student group table. The young women running that table were irritated with our presence but persuaded to come over and talk. A member of Mount Students for Life bravely engaged with them even though it was her first time tabling.   

This is just a snapshot of Mount Students for Life’s impact on their campus. And none of this would be possible without the dedication of the group’s president, Anthony Zaccaria. Zaccaria is a passionate pro-life advocate who is always willing to step out of his comfort zone to champion the pro-life cause. He had the privilege of being one of the speakers at the local Rally4Life Teen Conference that Mount SFLA attended. In his speech, Zaccaria explained that making a difference isn’t complicated.  

“Being active at Mount St. Mary’s is important. Our tablings are often the first time many of my peers ever thought about abortion or the humanity of the preborn and I have witnessed multiple minds changed because of the conversations that occurred,” Zaccaria told SFLA.  “I also can’t thank enough the people in our club who have been indispensable in carrying out our mission to defend the dignity of the most vulnerable! It’s really encouraging to see how much they care about the issue.” 

When addressing how high schoolers could become involved in pro-life activism in college, he simply said, “Show up.” Zaccaria became the president of Mount Students for Life by consistently attending events during his freshman year. He has brought this same consistency to his role as the group’s president, one reason the group can be so influential in their pro-life activism.  

Mount Students for Life proves that pro-life students can make a difference, regardless of their school’s position. Pro-life campuses still need students willing to be bold and stand for life.   

Congratulations to Mount Saint Mary’s for doing that and being SFLA’s group of the month! 

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