Pro-Abortion Zealots Throw Bloody Fake Babies at Lydia Taylor’s “Not Your Body, Not Your Choice:” Minds Still Changed Towards the Pro-Life Movement  

Lydia Taylor - 17 Apr 2024

When I started the “Not Your Body, Not Your Choice” speaking tour, I knew I’d face some backlash. However, bloody babies chucked during my speech, threats to set my table on fire, and pro-abortion sticky notes covering my speech room entrance were not a part of my 2024 bucket list.   

I shouldn’t have been surprised, yet I was. It got me thinking, though: these overt and vulgar actions grab the headlines, but often, the positive interactions fall by the wayside. Those are the most important of them all, making the hate and vulgarity worth it.   

All three of my tour stops allowed me to engage with hundreds of pro-abortion advocates who were willing to have a conversation. At my first tour stop at William and Mary College, I spoke with a pro-choice student. Before we talked, she believed pro-life advocates hated women. After our conversation, she realized we care about women and offer them resources.  

At the rest of my tour stops it became clear to me that the pro-abortion movement, as awful as they are, did a great job at convincing Gen Z that the pro-life movement just wants to “control women.”  

I debunked this notion at all my campus stops. Contrary to common pro-abortion beliefs, we’re not trying to “control” women’s bodies – we just don’t want the killing of the separate, preborn body. After all, bodily autonomy begins at conception, which means abortion directly infringes on a baby’s rights by poisoning, starving, vacuuming, or dismembering a preborn baby’s body.   

While some college students acted maturely (sarcasm) by screaming and flipping me off, minds still changed for the pro-life movement. After my tour stop at Kennesaw State University, an abortion advocate told me they had never realized how much science there was on the pro-life side and that biologists agreed that life begins at conception.   

Where minds are changed, the pro-abortion craziness follows, as previously alluded to. At my first tour stop at William and Mary, students tried to report me as “hate speech.” I guess advocating for equal rights for all humans is offensive to them.  See for yourself.

At my stop at Kennesaw State University, students were too scared to debate me, so instead, they stuck sticky notes with pro-abortion messages on them all on the doors to my speech, as well as the entire building. I thanked the students for the “fan mail” and debunked each of the misinformed comments they had written on each note.   

They could’ve responded, but you know. They didn’t show up.   

Upon hearing about my arrival, students posted online that they were going to “eat babies,” which may or may not be scarier than the bloody baby dolls thrown on the ground during my final tour stop at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.   

Yes, that’s right.   

After receiving countless threats to burn my table, commit suicide in front of me, and throw stink bombs at my event, abortion zealots filed right into my speech.  

Even though I laced my speech with undeniable facts, all they could do was giggle and make rude comments. While I debated pro-abortion students, two of them stuck baby dolls in a sexual position on some of the chairs and threw bloody ones on the ground on their way out.    

These gestures were disgusting, but at least these pro-abortion students understood that abortion is the brutal killing of innocent babies in the womb.   

While I thought the craziness would end, I was wrong.   

I was made aware that pro-abortion students wanted to slash my car tires. When I checked my car, pins were placed under my tires. Sorry to my pro-abortion fans, but I found your pin before any damage could be done. This wasn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last.  

Despite the unhinged pro-abortion students I faced on my tour, I was encouraged by the students who were open-minded and even changed their minds. The pro-abortion movement lied to my generation, Gen Z, and I will continue to expose an industry that exploits women and profit off the killing of babies.  

I can confidently say this tour led many students to see the truth about abortion, thanks to the help of unhinged abortion supporters exposing how evil the pro-abortion movement is.   

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