We Were Told to “Get Raped” While Protesting Kamala Harris’ Abortion and Environment Hypocrisy  

Lydia Taylor - 05 Apr 2024

As Vice President Kamala Harris campaigns all around the country, she couldn’t help but contradict herself on abortion and the environment within a couple of weeks.   

Just recently, she visited a Planned Parenthood abortion vendor in St. Paul, Minnesota, to champion women’s health. A few weeks later, she landed in Charlotte, North Carolina, to discuss “environmental justice” initiatives.   

It seems hypocritical, given the fact that Chemical Abortion Pills hurt women through physical and emotional trauma AND the environment through flushing down medical waste into our water supply.


According to the Guttmacher Institute, a research institute from the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, Chemical Abortion Pills are used to commit more than six in 10 (63%) of all abortions. And, when these women flush their precious babies down the toilet, it’s also flushing medical waste, placenta tissue, and chemically tainted blood. A National Institute of Health study confirms these “endocrine disrupters” interfere with a body’s hormones and are linked with developmental, reproductive, brain, and immune system functions, tainting our food supply, and harming livestock.   

So much for women’s health.   

Despite the EPA strongly recommending not flushing down medical waste, EPA administrator Michael Regan had no problem joining Harris’ campaign stop, despite the Biden Administration’s reckless No Test, Online Distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills which expose women to injury, infertility, death, and abusers, as well as presenting potential environmental pollution.  

This blatant hypocrisy stunned Students for Life of America. I gave Harris the benefit of the doubt and assumed she needed education on how Chemical Abortion Pills hurt the environment. It’s as Hanlon’s razor states: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”  

So, we did what any normal pro-life baby and mother-loving group would do – we went to where she was speaking to educate her.  

I gathered up as many students as I could to let Harris know that abortion and the environment do NOT go together.   

In hindsight, we should’ve brought a Venn diagram (since she loves them so much), but instead, we got our SFLA signs, toilet bowls, and a megaphone to make sure Kamala and bystanders could see and hear about abortion pollution.  

One woman did. She yelled profanities from her car, parked it where we were, and wished rape upon all of us.   

See for yourself:   

Even though she hurled insults and spat at me, our hearts hurt for her. Through her profanity-laced speech, she explained a man raped her. We wished her the best and hoped that we could’ve supported her. She gave us the middle finger anyway, but at least we tried. While we don’t know what help she had at the time, we hope a resource like Standing With You existed when she was pregnant.   

Despite a crazy interaction kicking off our protest, we reached Kamala Harris with our message as she left her speech and got in the vehicle. I brought my megaphone and spoke to her about how chemical abortion harms women, kills children, and pollutes the environment. I asked her to protect Americans from abortion, as abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States.   

Our toilet seats, signs, and megaphone were unignorable, so we hope Kamala saw and heard us and that she takes our advice:  

Abortion and the environment don’t go together, and cemeteries don’t belong in our sewers. Instead of $20 billion in funding for clean energy projects, put it towards genuinely aiding women and tracking “forever chemicals” in our water.  

READ: Students for Life of America Submits Legal Analysis to the Environmental Protection Agency, Detailing Reasons for Tracking the Active Metabolites in Chemical Abortion Pills because “Everyone needs Safe Drinking Water”

Women can do better, and you can do better, Kamala Harris.   

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