Is There Still a Pro-Life Group on Campus? You Bet: How We Reignited Life-Affirming Advocacy at Our School 

Caroline Wharton - 05 Jan 2024
Guest post by SFLA Christian Leadership Fellow Madison Walls

GUEST POST: I had my work cut out for me this past year at Oklahoma Baptist University (OKBU), as the pro-life group on campus called ZOH OKBU, (ZOH is Greek for “life”), had largely been inactive the previous school year. Many students had actually forgotten that we still existed, and as the new group president, I was tasked with changing this, along with my group officers. Being a fellow with Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Christian Leadership Fellowship gave me a leg up, and my group successfully remedied this. Here’s how we did it: 

We knew the best way to get things rolling again would be by focusing on taking community action…so we got right to work.  

Photo from the OKBU ZOH auction

In September 2023, my group hosted a week-long, campus-wide diaper drive for Hope Pregnancy Centers across Oklahoma. We placed donation boxes at the front desk of each residence hall on campus and encouraged students verbally, as well as on social media, to donate however many diapers that they could. We also created paper and digital flyers with a QR code to allow students to donate money that we would use to purchase diapers. At the end of the week, we had gathered approximately 500 diapers that went directly to Hope Centers in need. This activism allowed us to not only serve our community but also allowed us to regain a footing on campus, becoming a known group name.  

We didn’t stop there, either. 

With the help of new members and a revived spirit, our group organized an auction that would provide funds for Grace Home, a maternity care center in Blanchard, Oklahoma. The auction consisted of OKBU-specific items, such as t-shirts, sports equipment, dinners and activities with professors, and a few special prizes donated by local churches. Though college students are often short on funds, many attended the auction and helped us successfully raise $1,463 for Grace Home. 

Photo from the OKBU ZOH auction

Our group went from being virtually nonexistent on OKBU’s campus to being one of the loudest and proudest student organizations – and we are far from done. Thanks to the support of SFLA and the grace of God, our club is on fire for the pro-life movement and will continue to take strides in fighting against abortion. The OKBU community will not have the chance to forget about us nor our purpose as we will continue to boldly serve the community and the pro-life movement. I’m excited to move forward in expanding our influence across campus in this new spring semester.  

If you’re inspired by Madison’s story and want to start/reignite a pro-life group on your campus, you can, too! Start by contacting your SFLA Regional Coordinator by emailing [yourstate] For example, if you live in North Carolina, email [email protected] 

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