Did You See SFLA’s Newest Viral Video? Abortion Supporter Says BLADE OF GRASS is as Valuable as Preborn Child  

Caroline Wharton - 08 Nov 2023

If you’re not able to make it onto campus to see Students for Life of America (SFLA) in action, we bring the campus to you via recordings of our events and interactions — and you’re not going to want to miss this recent video that’s understandably gone viral on social media. In the clip taken from one of SFLA President Kristan Hawkins’ speaking tour stops, an abortion supporter makes the case that a blade of grass is as valuable as a preborn child…and no, we’re not joking.

Check out the footage for yourself below:  

In the video, SFLA Ambassador Isabel Brown — who joined Hawkins for her “Lies Pro-Choicers Believe” Speaking Tour during the spring semester of 2023 — discussed the value of human life with two abortion supporters who didn’t seem to think it’s worth much at all. During a back-and-forth exchange in the midst of a Q&A session, Brown asked, “Is a puppy a life worthy of respect and value?”  

The abortion supporter answered, “Yes, because it is separate from a human being.”  

Brown responded with another question, asking: “Is a blade of grass something that’s life and worthy of our respect and value?”  

The response? “It probably could be comparable to a fertilized egg.”  

Quick reality check here. A fertilized egg is called a zygote, and it is the first stage of human development — so here’s what they really said: A blade of grass is comparable in value to a young human life. Wow…the abortion lobby really thinks the millions of children that have died from abortion is no more tragic than mowing a lawn?   

Brown followed up by asking, “Is a fish in the ocean worthy of our respect and value?”  

According to the abortion supporter’s logic, it’s the “same thing as a blade of grass” apparently — but Brown’s next question is where things got really interesting. She asked, “How about a single-celled organism on Mars?”   

That made the abortion supporter hesitate and query, “Is it life?”  

Brown answered, “I’m defining it as life…as a living, single-celled organism.”  

They replied, “Yes, it’s a living cell, but does it have moral weight and value?” And that’s exactly the question we need students to be asking in order to change hearts and minds on abortion.  

Brown explained, “See, now we’ve come back to the beginning of this very long, very important, productive conversation that there are differences between different types of life. There are living beings; there are living organisms; but there are moral hierarchies between different types of biological organisms.  

“I would beg to differ that a human being in or out of the womb is worthy of our respect and value and protection. I find it so ironic that so many people will say a single-celled organism on Mars or a blade of grass or a fish in the ocean or a puppy is worthy of our undying respect, support, and protection, but a human being isn’t.”  

This is the mindset — learned over nearly five decades of Roe v. Wade as legal precedent — that the Pro-Life Generation is tasked with overhauling: the idea that human life is not inherently valuable. It’s not controversial to the point of violent opposition to be concerned about the environment or animals, but for some reason, we’ve allowed caring about humans to become that way. Our society needs a radical culture change, and our more than 1,400 SFLA groups across the country are working to make that possible.  

To see more video content from SFLA on campus, click HERE.   

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