Get Ready to See Us…Everywhere: SFLA’s Five-Year Plan to Be on Every College Campus in the United States

Caroline Wharton - 06 Nov 2023

As our nation’s largest pro-life youth organization with groups in all 50 states, Students for Life of America (SFLA) knows Millennials and Gen Z are both the future and the current focus of the abortion fight. College students in particular are targeted by pro-abortion misinformation meant to sway their vote and scare them into becoming Planned Parenthood customers. Is it any wonder that nearly 90% of the abortion giant’s facilities are within five miles of a college campus? This is exactly why SFLA has launched our Five-Year Campus Takeover Plan — here’s what you need to know about it: 

What’s The Goal? 

In five years’ time, SFLA will have a presence — whether digitally or with an on-campus student group — on every traditional four-year college across the United States. Our criteria for “traditional four-year colleges” were that institutions must a) have campus housing available, b) offer four-year degrees, c) not specialize in a particular field, like a nursing school or seminary, d) be open to the public, e) have an active student life, and f) an enrollment of at least 1,000 students as of 2022. This comes out to 1,258 campuses across the nation.

Through these efforts, we have the opportunity to change the hearts and minds of nearly 10,600,000 students — and we’re actually already well on our way there with almost 40% of these campuses already having SFLA groups active. 

How Will It Happen? 

For the remaining nearly 60% of these schools, we have both digital and in-person strategies for bringing the pro-life cause to campus. 

Digital: To get started, SFLA will launch geo-targeted ads on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube (the favorite social media platforms of college students) to identify pro-life students interested in starting a group on campuses that are in need of SFLA presence.

Planning to throw the net wide, SFLA’s digital ads will include those designed to recruit; those designed to educate on pregnancy and parenting resources, as well as Chemical Abortion Pills; and those meant to change minds. With these three different types of ads, SFLA has the potential to reach 10.5 million unique students. 

In Person: Once these students are found, SFLA’s Field Operations will take over. This team specializes in starting and reviving student groups across the country, and they will walk the interested student step-by-step through the process of starting an officially recognized SFLA group on their campus. This personalized help includes an SFLA Field Operations Coordinator making multiple digital check-ins and in-person visits with the group. 

Campus Formation Coordinators will also work to build student groups from the ground up by coming in person to campuses to identify interested students through hosting events, handing out flyers, and tabling. 

Once a group is solidified, SFLA Regional Coordinators are up to bat. They continue to engage the student groups by offering mentorship and activism opportunities throughout the school year, as well as bringing displays and apologetics help to their campus. Their involvement leads to strong organization and active involvement. 

SFLA students with SFLA President Kristan Hawkins

NOT ALONE: SFLA’s legal counsel also stands ready to help with any First Amendment violations our groups may face. As yet another reason we need to come to campus, in the 2022 – 2023 school year, SFLA student groups reported more than 100 free speech violations. This trend appears to be continuing with numerous incidents of hostilityvandalism, and violence already this semester. Our new push will help protect pro-life speech across the country.

It will also defend young mothers from the predatory abortion industry and less-than-life-affirming school administrations. Our SFLA team members and student groups will spread life-saving information on the available resources and rights of pregnant and parenting students. As more than a quarter of undergraduate students and almost one third of graduate students balance school and family, SFLA’s supportive services initiative Standing With You ensures that no woman stands alone.

The Pro-Life Generation wave is coming to your campus or a campus near you! If you’re interested in learning more about this plan, reach out to [email protected] for further information. If you’d like to start a group, contact [email protected]. You can be a part of this nationwide campus-takeover for life. 

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