No One Digs Abortion More Than a Deadbeat Dad: Two Adults Charged with Kidnapping Minor for Alleged Coerced Abortion

Caroline Wharton - 03 Nov 2023

Being pro-abortion is more than a political preference; it’s a mindset — and it doesn’t lead to pretty places, especially with pro-abortion men. Men who support abortion support violence and deny life the respect it deserves, creating situations like one recently reported in Idaho. An adult male and his mother allegedly kidnapped his minor girlfriend to take her to a different state for a coerced abortion, and while a horrific story, it’s sadly not uncommon. Here’s what you need to know: 

CBS News reported recently that the Idaho police had begun investigating an adult mother and son’s actions towards his minor girlfriend earlier this year after a complaint was filed by the minor’s mother. The mother told authorities her 15-year-old daughter had been sexually assaulted and later taken to Oregon to have an abortion without her knowledge — and according to state law and current investigations, she seems to be correct.  

An affidavit revealed that the mother discovered the mess when she learned her daughter — whom she had supposed to be living with her father at the time — was staying at her adult boyfriend’s house. For her daughter’s part, the young girl told police that “she began having a consensual sexual relationship with her boyfriend when he was 17 and she was 15…the relationship continued when he turned 18, right around when the girl said she became pregnant.” 

While this adult male was apparently fine engaging in sexual activity with a minor (which according to Idaho Statutes §§ 18-6101 is considered rape), he allegedly didn’t feel as easygoing about her consequential pregnancy.

Court documents show the minor felt “happy” about becoming pregnant but admitted that her adult lover didn’t share those feelings. She testified that he allegedly threatened to end their relationship and forgo any payments of child support. She also stated that his mother insisted the pregnancy be kept a secret from the minor’s parents and, if this was breached, she would “kick her out of their house.” 

For anyone with commonsense, that sure sounds like coercion…and it gets worse. The minor was taken nearly 550 miles away — out of the state — to Oregon by the adult mother and son for an abortion, according to the young girl. Her parents weren’t notified. 

Second-degree kidnapping charges have rightfully been leveled at both mother and son by prosecutors. The adult son has additionally been charged with rape and three counts of creating “child sexually exploitative material” after police found pornographic videos and photos of the minor taken by him. 

This seems to be yet another case of an abusive man using the violence of abortion as a shield against taking responsibility — responsibility for the actions which both created a preborn child and, in the eyes of the law, hurt a minor child. The alleged abortion coercion led to the killing of his baby in the womb and additional physical/mental trauma for the young girl. 

Unfortunately, abortion coercion isn’t rare. A 2023 study from the Charlotte Lozier Institute found that nearly 90% post-abortive women felt pressured into their abortions, and the resulting mental health impacts — to say nothing of the harmful physical effects — were crushing. 

It’s sad to compare this young girl’s story with that of another that has recently been in the news. Angela Harders also conceived via sexual assault, but unlike this young, Idaho girl, she was supported in her pregnancy by family and members of the pro-life movement. Nine years after the birth of her child, Harders said, “My daughter is no problem. She is the greatest joy of my life, and I will forever be grateful to the stranger on the other end of the line from a random pregnancy center in New York, who told me I could do it.”

That’s the difference between the abortion lobby and the pro-life movement. We empower women to know they’re strong enough to have their baby and support them through pregnancy and parenting, creating happy stories and saving lives. On the other hand, abortion supporters (like the man charged in Idaho) choose the lazy, selfish way out when they pressure women into abortions. 

The Pro-Life Generation opposes deadbeat dads using violence to skirt their duty, and in our fight for life, we are pushing men to become the exact opposite: fierce, life-affirming advocates. Read more about our efforts by clicking HERE

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