Want to Support Women & Create a Life-Affirming Culture? Here are Five Activism Ideas for Your Group

Caroline Wharton - 01 Nov 2023
Guest post by SFLA Student Spokesperson Chloe Kramer

GUEST POST: As the Pro-Life Generation, there are so many ways to support and stand with women in your community — do you need some ideas? If you want the opportunity to show women that they are loved and strong enough by promoting pregnancy and parenting resources, here are five activism ideas that your Students for Life of America (SFLA) group can do: 

1. Create a Standing With You Campus Resource Guide 

Your SFLA group can be listed as a resource for mothers on SFLA’s Standing With You database, and it’s as easy as filling out an online form. This resource page will list important information for pregnant and parenting students at your school, such as institution policies and where to find services on campus.

You can list online programs (like parenting classes), information on where to find childcare, diaper changing stations and lactation rooms on campus, and so much more. The page can also point women to your group for advocacy on campus (pregnant/parenting student have rights) and community resource referral. As your group plays an integral role in creating a life-affirming environment on campus for women, this is a great opportunity for women to see all the ways that your group is here for them. 

All you need to do is click HERE to be added as a resource in your community and on your campus. 

2. Host a Fundraiser or a Baby Item Drive for a Local Pregnancy Resource Center 

Another great way to stand with women in your community is to host a fundraiser or a baby item drive for a local pregnancy resource center (PRC). It’s as easy as choosing a PRC near you and connecting with them to find out what items they need. Once you find out what they need, you can have members of your group drop off items to donate. If they need monetary donations, you can host a fun event (this SFLA student group threw an ‘Dine & Dance for Life’ fundraiser) and donate any money that was raised. This is a great way to directly fulfill the needs of women in your community and help them choose life. 

3. Write Letters to Encourage Pregnant and Parenting Students 

If you’re looking for a way to encourage women in your community, you can host a letter writing event. Gather your group and have them write messages to women that remind her that she’s loved, strong, and never alone. Once your group has written letters, you can give them to women on your campus, hand them out while sidewalk counseling, or deliver them to a local PRC for distribution. By doing this, your group will be helping to build a culture of life while reminding women that no woman stands alone in a Post-Roe America.

Not sure what to write? You can access a letter writing guide and letter templates on Students for Life HQ by clicking HERE.  

4. Table on Campus with Pregnancy Resources 

Tabling on campus is a great way to reach students who may not know about their local PRC or other life-affirming options that exist in their community. You can hand out fliers for Standing With YouAbortion Pill Reversal, and any local resources that play a role in standing alongside women. You can also use this opportunity to inform students about their rights on campus — they don’t have to choose between their baby and their dreams. 

5. Donate Care Packages or Blessing Bags to Women

Your group can also put together “blessing bags” or care packages to give to women on campus or in your community. The options for the contents of these gifts are endless. They could include items for self-care, comfort, resource cards, gift cards, notes to encourage her, and so much more. You can also do something more personal for pregnant or parenting moms, like dropping off flowers, groceries, or meals. When women receive these, they’ll know that they are supported and being thought of by people in their community.

One unique thing that my group tried was making tie blankets for a local PRC. This allowed us to show women that real people are loving and supporting them behind the scenes. 

Whatever your group decides to do, make it into a fun event that you look forward to together. Order a pizza, play some music, and get to work. Whether that’s assembling care packages, filling out an online form, or writing notes of encouragement, your efforts are sure to make a positive difference. 

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