UNC Chapel Hill Abortion Supporters Threw a “Pro-Choice Party” to Protest Kristan Hawkins, Complete with a Bounce House & Condom Pinata 

Caroline Wharton - 23 Oct 2023
Guest post by SFLA Student Spokesperson & Intern Lydia Taylor

GUEST POST: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has long had a reputation for being extremely pro-abortion… so of course we had to bring Students for Life of America (SFLAPresident Kristan Hawkins on campus for her “I’m Coming for Your Abortion Access” Speaking Tour to check it out for ourselves. Hawkins’ tour stop at Chapel Hill certainly featured many abortion extremists (including a “pro-choice party” to protest her), but the event was still very successful. Here’s what happened: 

I arrived on campus in the morning to write pro-life messages for National Pro-Life Chalk day alongside other students and SFLA staff. Minutes after writing these messages, abortion supporters erased them with water and then refused to engage in peaceful conversations with us.

When Hawkins arrived at our display table, she also tried to chalk but couldn’t do so because pro-abortion students kept blocking her with their feet. Others laid out their jackets and actually sat on top of our chalk to cover it up. Ironically, pro-abortion men sat on top of the phrase “Pro-Woman, Pro-Life” while white abortion supporters covered up our message “Black Preborn Lives Matter.” 

Hawkins also tabled and engaged in conversations with abortion supporters who told her that she should be aborted, that they want to f*ck her dad, and to f*ck off. Classy, right? A few Satanists also engaged with us, and several yelled out “Hail Satan!” to try and combat our pro-life message. Some abortion supporters even spaton other pro-lifers who were there with us.

While it was certainly gross, we can’t say we’re surprised.

But the most disturbing events happened later as hundreds of abortion supporters came to protest Hawkins’ speech by holding a “pro-choice party.” Explicit music played in the background of a huge bounce house and a condom pinata… yes, a pinata filled with condoms.

Hawkins and I went out to their “party” to invite them into the event to ask questions. However, many just wanted to jump around in their bounce house rather than have mature conversations with us. 

Some abortion supporters did come into Hawkins’ event to ask questions alongside many other pro-life students. One pro-abortion student even called in on the phone to debate Hawkins on why she should support incest — which was so bizarre. Meanwhile, the immaturity continued outside as abortion supporters grabbed signs from pro-lifers and harassed them.

Despite some disgusting responses, we were still able to have great conversations with much of the student body. Many pro-lifers also showed up and said they were encouraged by Hawkins to continue standing for life in the midst of such an extreme pro-abortion presence around them. 

That’s exactly why Hawkins does her speaking tours each semester – to challenge pro-abortion students on campus to think beyond their indoctrination and encourage pro-lifers to stay strong. We can’t wait to have her back on campus again!  

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