CORPORATE CANCER: New Survey Finds Three Out of Four Large Employers Would Rather Kill Your Kids Than Help Welcome Them

Caroline Wharton - 20 Oct 2023

The abortion lobby has sunk their claws into the corporate world, and a new survey of employer health benefits has shown just how bad it’s really gotten. In the wake of Roe v. Wade’s reversal, many companies were pressured to show their allegiance to abortion and came out with statements and promises that were the opposite of life-affirming. To the detriment of women and preborn children, it sadly looks like they kept their word. Here’s what you need to know: 

According to the latest employer health benefits survey by KFF Health News (although abortion is neither healthcare nor a benefit to anyone other than Planned Parenthood’s bank account), around three in four large United States employers cover their employees’ abortions.

The survey additionally found that around one-third of these companies said they cover legal abortions in most or all circumstances. Larger companies (those with 5,000 or more employees) were also more likely to prioritize ending their employees’ preborn children’s lives. Can’t have kiddos stepping on the bottom line, right? 

(Men aren’t in favor of this, by the way. A recent research paper released by found that companies which announced so-called abortion “benefits” saw a nearly 10% drop in internal reviews from their male employees.) 

Looking at data from more than 2,100 companies, the KFF survey reported that abortion coverage across the board has changed since Dobbs v. Jackson. While companies which prior to the decision had offered limited or no abortion coverage, Dobbs led to an increase of such limits by three percent. In contrast, for companies which had already generally supported abortion, more than 10% expanded their coverage.

These numbers frankly aren’t surprising as we’ve seen many indications of the corporate world’s lack of respect for life. From Mother’s Day ads being opt-out this year like we don’t all come from one (and when will that start being an option for all advertising?) to female employees on Wall Street speaking out about being pressured to freeze their eggs and postpone a family, it’s clear many employers view your children as a threat to their profit. 

After all, it’s much more cost-efficient on their end to pay for an abortion and chain a woman to her desk than support her through time off for prenatal appointments, maternity leave, and overall family flexibility.

Motherhood just isn’t worth the money for employers, apparently. 

But to be totally clear, abortion doesn’t help women financially. The only people benefitting from abortion are greedy employers and the abortion industry itself. To read more on this, click HERE for another SFLA blog entitled “Who Benefits Economically from Abortion? Not Mothers.” 

The Pro-Life Generation needs to call out this pro-abortion takeover of the corporate world and demand better for women. Calling abortion a “job benefit” is both inhumane to the preborn and insulting to female employees. Don’t expect our thanks when you whitewash genocide and try to act like you’re doing us a favor. 

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