BREAKING: Abortion Supporter Hits Students for Life of America Campus Leader at University of Washington in Seattle; Police Investigation Ongoing 

Caroline Wharton - 05 Oct 2023

Pro-Abortion Violence Clearly Extends Beyond the Womb 

“The abortion lobby would rather use their fists than their words, it seems. Instead of choosing conversations, the ‘choice’ today was violence and hostility,” said Students for Life of America Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator Sophia Di Piazza. “It’s sad to see that abortion supporters can’t even begin to have conversations about this issue without shouting profanities, eating our materials, and assaulting us.” 

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (10-05-2023) – Things got ugly recently during a Students for Life of America (SFLA) What is a Person? Campus Tour stop at the University of Washington in Seattle when an abortion supporter destroyed SFLA property by ruining a display table before physically assaulting another student. A police report on the incident has been filed, and an investigation is ongoing. 

Police arrive on the scene at the University of Washington in Seattle

Di Piazza shared her experience in an SFLA blog, writing

“I was tabling with the SFLA group on campus (called the Huskies for Preborn Lives), and we were initially having many civil and productive conversations with students passing by. Things started to get strange, however, when one pro-abortion student actually ate a flyer we were handing out. 

“The flyers were advertising SFLA Senior Spokesperson Autumn Higashi’s upcoming speaking tour stop on campus coming up in several weeks, and they were meant to inform — not to serve as lunch. 

“However, one student who had accepted the flyer came back to our table to show us that he actually had eaten it, and the paper was half chewed. He told us we should “have better quality paper” as this one “wasn’t very good” tasting. Someone needs to tell the abortion lobby paper and ink are not a part of a balanced diet. 

“Later in the afternoon, I noticed there was someone standing across the sidewalk, just watching us from under a tree. He moved to the sidewalk behind us, and I could feel him glaring at us. When we had finished up a conversation with a student, he approached, and I greeted him warmly, although I expected a heated conversation from his mannerisms. I was very wrong. 

The alleged assailant

“Instead of responding, he swept his arm across our table and knocked everything, including stickers, pins, topic cards, and clipboards. And then, he even pulled on the tablecloth to make sure he got everything disturbed.

“Our campus SFLA president was standing on the front side of the table and tried to block him to prevent any more damage. However, he was sadly the next to be damaged as the abortion supporter hit him on the arm before walking away.” 

To read this blog in its entirety and see pictures, click HERE

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first instance of hostility during the What is a Person? Campus Tour — and it’s certainly not the first time pro-abortion students have eaten SFLA property which wasn’t meant for human consumption. When bringing this display to Binghamton University in New York, SFLA team members and pro-life students were mobbed by abortion supporters. Three models of human preborn babies were stolen, and, when a pro-abortion student claimed to have swallowed them, an SFLA student verified that he had seen it occur. 

Read more about this incident in an SFLA blog entitled “Fetal Models Aren’t Food: Abortion Lobby Hates Reality of Life in the Womb So Much They SWALLOWED Our Fetal Models.”

At Onondaga Community College, while bringing another display on campus, yet another SFLA staffer was mobbed and had plastic fetal models chewed up before having to be escorted off campus by police for her safety. Abortion supporters continued to chase her and jump on the squad car. 

View footage of this chaos, including an abortion supporter spitting out a fetal model after chewing it, by clicking HERE or read more about it in another SFLA blog entitled “Abortion Supporters Mobbed Me, Ate a Preborn Baby Model, & Jumped on the Police Car I Escaped In.”

These incidents showcase a wider problem of student rights being attacked on campus, as free speech for pro-lifers often results in bullying, harassment, and violence by the abortion lobby. During the 2022 – 2023 school year, SFLA groups saw free speech violations triple in number following the reversal of Roe v. Wade, and that trend of hostility doesn’t appear to be going down. 

SFLA President’s Brand and Marketing Intern Lydia Taylor recently wrote an op-ed for Fox News on this topic entitled “Pro-abortion radicals want me to be ‘raped’ and ‘killed’ just because I’m a pro-life college student.” Her article details the extreme harassment she’s faced both in-person and online, including receiving more than 20,000 death threats and negative messages after a pro-abortion comedian made a viral video attacking her. Transgender “celebrity” Dylan Mulvaney even got in on the action. 

Taylor’s op-ed reads, “Regardless of how long this hostility goes on (and I’m not holding my breath), our mission as the pro-life movement to promote a life-affirming culture is clear. That’s why I’m okay waking up every day to be met with threats and hatred…because every night I go to sleep knowing I am fighting on the right side of history.” 

To learn more about the What is a Person? Campus Tour, click HERE

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