Free Speech Rights & Digestive Systems Under Attack on College Campuses; Pro-Lifers Mobbed as Pro-Abortion Students Eat Plastic Fetal Models

Caroline Wharton - 04 Oct 2023

A New York Phenomenon? In 2023, Students Have Chowed Down on Plastic Preborn Babies at Three Different NY Schools 

“I’m seriously worried about New York abortion supporters’ eating habits…not to mention their moral compasses. The stories I hear from our students and the mistreatment that I receive myself when going on campus for merely being pro-life is getting worse,” said Students for Life of America Northeast Field Operations Coordinator Savannah Craven. “The mob mentality of the abortion lobby doesn’t respect preborn life, and it sure doesn’t respect life outside the womb, either. They don’t even respect their own bodies because as they show hatred towards us, they’re literally eating plastic.” 

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (10-04-2023) – Despite a large body of research showing that plastic is not fit for human consumption and may even be harmful to store food inside, Students for Life of America (SFLA) has experienced such property being stolen at three different New York college campuses in 2023 only to be chewed and eaten by pro-abortion students. These incidents occurred at the following: 

Abortion supporters chase Craven at Onondaga Community College
Onondaga Community College (Fall 2023)  – VIDEO AVAILABLE

Northeast Field Operations Coordinator Savannah Craven brought an outdoor display to campus showcase the lives Planned Parenthood has taken — yet abortion supporters took the liberty to ruin her display and chew up her models of humans in the womb. The ensuing pro-abortion mob became so volatile that when Craven had to be escorted off campus by police for her safety, abortion supporters chased her and jumped on the squad car. 

Read more about this incident in an SFLA blog entitled “Abortion Supporters Mobbed Me, Ate a Preborn Baby Model, & Jumped on the Police Car I Escaped In.” 

You can also view footage of the chaos, including an abortion supporter spitting out a fetal model after chewing it, by clicking HERE

Binghamton University (Fall 2023) 

Northeast Regional Coordinator Penelope Rose tabled on campus with SFLA students, peacefully discussing abortion and changing minds before they were mobbed by pro-abortion students. Three human fetal models were stolen, and, when an abortion supporter claimed to have swallowed them, an SFLA student verified that he had seen it occur. 

Read more about this incident in an SFLA blog entitled “FETAL MODELS AREN’T FOOD: Abortion Lobby Hates Reality of Life in the Womb So Much They SWALLOWED Our Fetal Models.”

Hunter College (Spring 2023) 

The tabling display hosted by students and Craven that initially set off the radical, machete-swinging professor Shellyne Rodriguez (click HERE to watch the video) also included a pro-abortion student stealing fetal models to chew on them and create bizarre art. Strung onto chicken wire, the student strung up the stolen and chewed up plastic models and painted them with a red substance to represent blood. 

Read more about this incident in an SFLA blog entitled “Pro-Abortion New York College Student Steals Fetal Model, Chews it Up, & Paints Fake Blood on It.”

Click HERE to see a video of the wild encounter. 

These incidents showcase a wider problem of student rights being attacked on campus, as free speech for pro-lifers often results in bullying, harassment, and violence by the abortion lobby. During the 2022 – 2023 school year, SFLA groups saw free speech violations triple in number following the reversal of Roe v. Wade, and that trend of hostility doesn’t appear to be going down. 

SFLA President’s Brand and Marketing Intern Lydia Taylor recently wrote an op-ed for Fox News on this topic entitled “Pro-abortion radicals want me to be ‘raped’ and ‘killed’ just because I’m a pro-life college student.” Her article details the extreme harassment she’s faced both in-person and online, including receiving more than 20,000 death threats and negative messages after a pro-abortion comedian made a viral video attacking her. Transgender “celebrity” Dylan Mulvaney even got in on the action. 

Taylor’s op-ed reads, “Regardless of how long this hostility goes on (and I’m not holding my breath), our mission as the pro-life movement to promote a life-affirming culture is clear. That’s why I’m okay waking up every day to be met with threats and hatred…because every night I go to sleep knowing I am fighting on the right side of history.” 

To see a video of some of the hundreds of hateful comments Taylor has received, click HERE.

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