What is a Person? This New SFLA Tour Will Tell You, Explaining the Humanity & Rights of the Preborn  

Caroline Wharton - 19 Sep 2023

Each semester, Students for Life of America (SFLA) creates a campus tour display that is culturally relevant and sure to get students talking about the issue of abortion. Fall 2023 is no exception, and we are excited to announce our newest tour — drumroll, please — entitled What is a Person 

The What is a Person? Campus Tour is designed to educate your student body on the value and humanity of the preborn, advocating that like all other humans, preborn children deserve the right to live. It’s a timely tour as Roe v. Wade has now been reversed, and the abortion issue has been sent back to the states. However, just as Former Vice President Mike Pence said, “It isn’t a states’ issue. It’s a moral issue.”  

A human persons’ right to life should not be up for debate in any state. In every state (and that means federally), preborn children deserve legal protection. After all, this right to be born — to not be unjustly killed and allowed to live — supersedes all other human rights for without it, you have none at all.  

Coming to campuses across America, the What is a Person? tour includes:  

  • A free What is a Person? training with your SFLA Regional Coordinator. This training comes prior to your campus display and will fully prepare you to discuss the tour’s content and answer questions from your peers about it. This can be in-person or virtual.  
  • All display supplies. This includes our display banners, informational cards, and other interactive elements. 
  • One-on-one mentorship. Your Regional Coordinator can help you plan every step, jump every hurdle, and ultimately get out on campus with you to save lives. 

SFLA Programs Manager Sarah Michalak who led the creation of this tour said, “The What is a Person? Campus Tour was designed to spark conversations about who abortion kills. We know that preborn children are unique, unrepeatable human beings. That is settled science. The focus of this tour is how society should treat all human beings as persons. Our campus tour poses the most important question in the abortion debate: What is a Person? 

“Any human regarded as a person must be given fundamental rights. So what humans should be considered persons? All humans are person. Each human being is unique and therefore valuable. And as valuable human beings, every human is a person regardless of their stage in life. Abortion is violence against a human person who deserves at minimum the right to not be killed and therefore abortion should be inaccessible and unthinkable.”   

If you’re a part of a high school, homeschool, or university SFLA group, you can request to host the What is a Person? Campus Tour, too. Click HERE to fill out a form to learn more about this opportunity and connect with your Regional Coordinator.  This is an excellent event to add to your group’s schedule for the semester.  

This tour will go with more than 1,400 SFLA groups across the country…make sure your campus is one of them!  

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