SFLA President Kristan Hawkins Challenges Vice President Kamala Harris to a Debate on Campus as Competing Speaking Tours Overlap 

Caroline Wharton - 14 Sep 2023

With Two Opposing Tours Coming Face to Face on Campus, 
How About a Healthy Discussion on Human Life? 

“While I believe in protection from conception until natural death, the Vice President can’t even name one single abortion limit she supports. With us about as polar opposite on this issue as possible, a conversation on campus would prove to be most interesting… but more importantly, it would set a good example for all students,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. “I won’t hold my breath that either of our minds would change, but, in a time when many college kids disrespect First Amendment rights or even self-censor, it’s important for everyone to encourage civil discussion. Kamala Harris, let’s strengthen the bedrock of our country — free speech — and show American students what a friendly yet passionate debate looks like.”  


WASHINGTON, D.C. (09-14-2023) – As a 2023 survey from the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) found that nearly 50% of American college students find abortion to be “a difficult topic to have an open and honest conversation,” Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins has penned a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris, inviting her to debate the issue of abortion on campus. The White House announcement of Harris’ “Fight for Our Freedoms College Tour” actually overlaps with Hawkins’ own campus speaking tour entitled “I’m Coming for Your Abortion Access,” with both women making tour stops at Northern Arizona University.  

Speaking on the opposite ends of the abortion issue in their individual tours, Hawkins has challenged Harris to have a conversation on any campus. Her letter reads in part: 

“The abortion story that the Biden-Harris Administration tells about itself swings dramatically between claims that there is no more extreme pro-abortion fighting team available or that abortion without limits isn’t really a story at all. At Students for Life of America,we know the truth to be the former – that the administration that you help lead fights for abortion through all nine months, for any reason, with taxpayer funding, up to and including infanticide. Throw in the attacks on conscience rights and states passing pro-life laws, and it’s clear that your administration is working to earn the money that Planned Parenthood Action and others have invested in your agenda. Abortion is on the ballot in the coming election, as you know.  

“Your policy story is told in the fine print of measures like the Women’s Health Protection Act as well as in opposition to the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act, pushes for numerous regulation changesprosecutions and statements from the Department of Justice, and even in changes to the Space Program, as a pro-life Senator’s state lost a planned program as he fights for the lives of the preborn among our military family. Support for abortion and abortion profiteers pollutes programs aiding other countries and influences the personnel choices of this Administration.  

“While this is well known to those of us who track this human rights policy, for most students on college and university campuses, the extent of the radial abortion agenda of the Biden-Harris Administration is more camouflaged by rhetoric about “access” and “justice.””  

MEDIA ADVISORY: Interviews and B-roll opportunities available with members of the Pro-Life Generation protesting Harris’ speaking tour. 

Contact [email protected] for more details. 

SFLA will also be protesting Harris’ speaking tour stop at North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro, North Carolina on September 15, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. EST on campus. The event will include a march across campus, protesting outside Harris’ event, and a rally prior with speakers. Confirmed speakers currently include:  

  • Lydia Taylor, North Carolina college student & SFLA President’s Brand and Marketing Intern 
  • Alicia Foreman, SFLA Regional Coordinator of the Carolinas  

The goal of the event is to reach Harris with the message that preborn children deserve freedom too as her “Fight for Our Freedoms” tour ignores their humanity in favor of abortion.  

To learn more about Harris’ abortion extremism, read a Students for Life Action blog entitled “The Vice President is Doubling Down on THE SAME ABORTION Lie as Her Administration, Sycophants.”  

To read how Harris called a successful SFLAction-inspired pro-life law “shameful,” click HERE.  

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