Pro-Life & Headed Back to School? Here’s a Few School Supplies, Including a Hazmat Suit, You Might Want to Consider

Caroline Wharton - 29 Aug 2023

Being pro-life on campus is no cakewalk — just ask the leader of the Pro-Life Generation who encourages and stands by students as they regularly get cut down for their life-affirming beliefs.

In a new op-ed published at the Washington Times, Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins acknowledged the bravery of pro-life students going into the 2023 – 2024 school year as she’s seen just how difficult things can get for them. In her piece entitled “Back-to-School Shopping With Pro-Life Students,” Hawkins wrote: 

“Preparing to return to campus requires a lot more of conservative and pro-life students, who increasingly face a hostile learning environment if they don’t toe the ideological line. Hazing isn’t confined to Greek life anymore.

“Opposition seems to be on the syllabus. Consider a recent lawsuit filed in Idaho in which professors argued that they have a right to push abortion access in class. Should pro-life students there or in other parts of the country disagree, it’s possible that they will receive a bad grade and perhaps even a violent reaction. And that’s not rhetorical.” 

Just last year alone, SFLA student groups faced more than 100 free speech violations, with problems tripling from years. Ten percent of groups reported First Amendment violations with the most common forms of harassment including destruction/theft of property and censorship from school administrations — but things got even uglier sometimes with death threatsstalking, and gross measures by abortion supporters (to name just a few). 

Hawkins wrote, “My own speaking tour was more explosive than educational, thanks to violent protesters. Given today’s hostile environment, Students for Life of America, or SFLA, put together a Pro-Life School Supplies Guide to support the courageous and the bold who want to keep their free speech rights. One thing our students don’t need is a lawyer on retainer, as SFLA works with attorneys nationwide when such help is needed.” 

However, after some crazy incidents of pro-abortion bullying last school year, Hawkins had several satirical recommendations in her op-ed for pro-life students’ school supplies this year, including body armor, a hazmat suit, a scary-looking canine, a headlamp, and disinfectant.

Want to know why these items could be helpful for going back to campus this year? Click HERE to read the full article at the Washington Times. 

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