In Case You Missed It: Some of the Best Media Hits from Our Washington D.C. Free Speech Victory

Caroline Wharton - 18 Aug 2023

It’s been splashed across the papers, radio talk shows, and television news since the almost unbelievable happened: an appellate court agreed that there was evidence of Washington D.C. discriminating against Students for Life of America’s pro-life free speech! Surprise, surprise; the First Amendment may actually apply to everyone equally — who knew? Not pro-life students…but we’ll find out as this case continues to progress.  If you need to get up to speed on this news, here’s a media roundup of some of our best coverage: 

(Click HERE to read our blog on the exciting update entitled “FREE SPEECH VICTORY: Circuit Court Finds Evidence of Viewpoint Discrimination for Excluding SFLA’s Pro-Life Perspective in Washington D.C. Case.”)

The Wall Street Journal: Progressives for Speech Discrimination

The Washington Post:  Suit alleging D.C. violated antiabortion advocates’ rights can proceed, court rules 

Reuters: Court revives anti-abortion groups’ free speech lawsuit over D.C. protests 

Fox News:  DC ‘selectively enforced’ defacement laws against BLM, pro-life group, federal appeals court rules

The Daily Wire: D.C. Authorities ‘Selectively Enforced’ Defacement Rules Against Pro-Life Groups Over BLM Protestors, Court Rules 

Bloomberg Law: Anti-Abortion Activists Get Free Speech Enforcement Suit Revived 

Washington Examiner: DC favored Black Lives Matter over anti-abortion groups in ‘defacement’ rules, court rules  

Daily Caller: Appeals Court Says DC ‘Selectively’ Enforced Statute To Arrest Pro-Life Activists But Not BLM Protesters

Decision Magazine: Two Pro-Life Organizations Win Free Speech Victory 

Breitbart: D.C. ‘Selectively’ Enforced Law to Arrest Pro-Lifers 

Washington Times: Court rules in favor of pro-life activists arrested for D.C. sidewalk chalking 

National Review: D.C. Enforced Defacement Law against Pro-Lifers While Letting BLM Protesters Walk, Court Rules 

LifeNews: Court Rules Washington D.C. Wrongly Arrested Pro-Life Protestors While Ignoring Violent BLM Rioters 

Courthouse News Service: Appeals court sides with abortion opponents arrested over chalk

Daily Signal: DC ‘Selectively Enforced’ Defacement Laws Against BLM, Pro-Life Groups

WUSA: DC Circuit revives suit claiming city selectively prosecuted anti-abortion chalkers

Townhall: DC Court Agrees BLM Vandals Had Free Reign But Pro-Life Protesters Were Punished

LifeSite: Court rules that DC discriminated against pro-lifers, favored BLM inenforcing vandalism law 

MRC TV: Court Rules D.C. Wrongfully Arrested Pro-Lifers For Their Sidewalk Art 

CBN News: Court Rules for Pro-Life Activists After DC Officials Arrested Them While Ignoring BLM 

The Blaze: Washington DC ‘selectively enforced’ ordinance against pro-life group while ignoring BLM protesters: Federal appeals court 

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