Children Are a Blessing – And This UK Woman Who Was Told She’d Never Have Any Was Triple-Blessed  

Caroline Wharton - 09 Aug 2023
Guest post by SFLA Natalee Wilson

GUEST POST: As the abortion industry promotes the mindset that children are a burden, it is refreshing to see couples who yearn for children and see them as a gift they were praying to receive. It is also a reminder to us all that we are not entitled to them. Instead, kids are a blessing — and one mom in the United Kingdom was blessed three times after being told she would never have children. Read below to learn more about her amazing story:

Emma Smith, a 42-year-old woman with endometriosis, was told by doctors that she would not be able to have children. However, she beat the odds of 133,000 to one by having not one, not two, but three baby boys with the exact same birthday

She was first diagnosed with endometriosis at 18-years-old, a disease in which “tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus.” It can make conceiving a child quite difficult for women. Smith underwent a total of 10 surgeries to try to remove the growth, but none of them worked. She feared she would never have kids of her own.  

Smith told the New York Post, “I suffered the heartache of watching friends and family members having children, adamant that it would never be my turn…I was always the ‘Bridget Jones’ of the group, watching them having their children and families and everything and genuinely never thought it would happen for me.” 

When she did become pregnant, she had a miscarriage. Following that sadness, however, she became pregnant again, and her first son, Alfie James, was born on June 20, 2016. Alfie in himself was a miracle rainbow baby (a baby born after a miscarriage) — yet that is not the end of this happy story. Smith was blessed with two more boys, each both born after miscarriages. Today, Jesse Joe is now 4-years-old, and Arley Jay is just more than a month old.  

But their story is even more crazy because Jesse and Arley somehow both ended up being born on the same day as their big brother Alfie: June 20.  

Jesse was actually due on July 4th, but he came early to match his brother. All three now share the same birthday.

Smith explained that this wasn’t planned, saying, “It’s a complete miracle, it’s magical, and we just feel completely and utterly blessed. Whether someone’s looking down on us, or however you want to equate it, all three boys are a miracle in their own right…practically, your body cycle changes anyways, so you couldn’t plan for it.”  

June 20 is definitely a very busy day for Smith and her partner Dave. Smith, who is a wedding planner, is excited to plan for future trio birthdays and even said, “It’s like having two Christmases because obviously that is in December, and we’re smack bang in the middle of the year, six months round.” 

Emma, Dave, Alfie, Jesse, and Arley’s story is a heart-warming example that shows sometimes life just finds a way, and it should always be celebrated.  

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