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We Told You So: New Study Proves Again that the Deadly Impact of Chemical Abortion Pills can be Reversed – If a Mother Attacks Quickly 

Kristi Hamrick - 25 Jul 2023

Now ending more than half of all pregnancies, the two-drug concoction that is Chemical Abortion Pills – also known as RU-486 – works together to end a life. But between the first pill that starves a baby, and the second that causes contractions to expel the baby, it’s possible to save a life, if a mother acts quickly. For the Pro-Life Generation, the births of more than 4,000 babies are all the proof we need that such fast action saves lives…but recently, another scientific report underscored the reality of the maternity ward. 

The mechanism of saving a life comes in giving a mother who has taken the first pill, which blocks progesterone, increased doses of progesterone, also known as the pregnancy hormone. It’s just that simple.  

Progesterone helps the mother’s body feed the baby and prepares the womb, and it’s commonly given to all kinds of women to help their pregnancies. In fact, it’s common in fertility treatment to give progesterone.  

But when pro-life doctors like those at Heartbeat International explain that administrating progesterone can reverse the impact of Chemical Abortion Pills, Big Abortion Pharma goes ballistic. No dead baby upsets them, and inconvenient science is often ignored. But the evidence is piling up. 

This month, a newly released study confirms what pro-life doctors have reported from their practices – along with a tremendous body of research. The title is mouthful: Progesterone-mediated reversal of mifepristone-induced pregnancy termination in a rat model: an exploratory investigation, but the findings are no surprise.  

Using a rat model, researchers studied whether giving doses of progesterone could reverse the effects of Chemical Abortion Pills. The short answer: YES, it can as seen by the birthdays of baby rats, or as they put it, “with resultant fully developed living fetuses at the end of gestation.” 

Heartbeat reports that such health outcomes with progesterone (as in the births of babies, rats et al) has been known since the 1950s and confirmed more recently as well. 

A 2018 peer-reviewed study showed positive results, including:  

  • 64%-68% of the pregnancies were saved through Abortion Pill Reversal 
  • There was no increase in birth defects 
  • Lower preterm delivery rate than the general population 

The important thing to know is that you need to call quickly to begin treatment. Heartbeat International can help and click here for more information. 

Recently on her podcast, Explicitly Pro-LifeStudents for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins talked with the leading expert on the subject, Dr. George Delgado.  

Their conversation is vital as the pro-abortion, “Trust Women” self-proclaimed lobby work to block informed consent for women, going to states like Colorado to prevent women from knowing medical facts.  

So that you can be ready to talk to a woman exposed to Chemical Abortion Pills, watch the podcast to learn more about a treatment the abortion lobby doesn’t want women to know about.  

And for women who want to know more about the support available for them, visit Standing with You, so we can connect you with practical help for your family.  

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