Planned Parenthood Was NOT Invited to Summer Camp – Students for Life of America Breaks Down Their Latest Creepy Tactic 

Caroline Wharton - 20 Jul 2023

Remember all your fun memories as a kid at summer camp? The lake swims, late night marshmallow cookouts, riding bikes, and playing games? Remember how Planned Parenthood wasn’t in that picture at all?  

That’s because a multi-million-dollar abortion business has no place around kids, tarnishing the innocence of childhood with sexual conversations. Yet the abortion giant wants a spot at the table anyways.  

In a new op-ed entitled, “Somebody Tell Planned Parenthood Summer Camp Is For Good Clean Fun, Not Sex Ed” and published by The Federalist, Students for Life of America (SFLA) Press Strategist & Staff Writer Caroline Wharton shares: 

“…It’s hard to believe Planned Parenthood recently had the audacity to market a children’s sex education program as “summer camp” — but then, it’s already ruining families via abortion and future fertility through sex-suppressing hormones. Why not add summer camp to its list of spoilers? 

“For poor souls in Minnesota, Planned Parenthood North Central States announced it was hosting “S’MORE” camp, which stands for Science-based, Medically accurate, Open-minded, Responsible Education. None of these attributes accurately describe Planned Parenthood. This is the same organization that changed its definition of ectopic pregnancy treatment when the facts weren’t convenient anymore. 

“After media pushback, however, the program webpage has recently been taken down, with only an earlier version of it from May being saved through a web archive.” 

Clearly, there’s no boundary which Planned Parenthood isn’t willing to break in order to push their agenda upon listeners as young as possible.  

Wharton explains that before being taken down, the S’MORE camp was targeted for minors aged 13 to 15 who had not started high school. 

She additionally notes, it’s undoubtable that this “sex education” from Planned Parenthood will leave out the dangerous risks of abortion which is the ultimate money maker for the company. CLICK HERE to continue reading Wharton in The Federalist and stay tuned to the SFLA blog for more ways to protect your children from Planned Parenthood’s crooked influence.  

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