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BREAKING: Pro-Abortion Campus Bully Arrested by FBI After Allegedly Vandalizing Ohio Pregnancy Resource Center 

Caroline Wharton - 10 Jul 2023

Justice is on the horizon in Ohio as a pro-abortion suspect has been recently arrested for allegedly vandalizing a local pregnancy resource center (PRC) — and this alleged perpetrator is the same student who has been actively bullying a Students for Life of America (SFLA) group at Bowling Green State University. The SFLA group, known as the Falcons for Life, has been caught up in this pro-abortion hostility due to volunteering at the PRC and engaging peacefully on campus. Learn more about this arrest below:  

According to a news report, court documents show that Whitney Durant, who goes by Soren Monroe, has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for vandalizing a PRC called HerChoice with spraypaint. She has been charged with a federal crime for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE). The FACE Act makes it a federal crime to use force, threat of force, or physical obstruction to prevent women from obtaining “reproductive health services,” which include abortions. It also prohibits damaging or destroying a reproductive health services facility, including PRCs.  

To learn more about the FACE Act and what it means for the Pro-Life Generation, read another SFLA blog entitled “Know Before You Go: Every Pro-Lifer Should Be Aware of This Federal Law (And Its Consequences).”  

SFLA Ohio Regional Coordinator Jamie Scherdin said, “Over the last year, there has been numerous occurrences of vandalism of pregnancy resource centers across the country. It’s so repulsive and hypocritical to me that anyone would attack one of these centers in the name of “supporting women,” but this instance hit particularly close to home for me and my Ohio SFLA groups. 

“For months, we were hoping to see justice served for our beloved HerChoice Pregnancy Center in Bowling Green Ohio, and that finally began yesterday with this arrest. On top of seeing this particular situation made right, we hope this arrest sends a message to violent pro-abortion individuals across the country that you cannot attack our life affirming resources centers without paying the price.” 

After this vandalization was reported, the Falcons for Life were actually on scene within hours to help clean up the mess, alongside other pro-life community members. Falcons for Life President Morgan Reece wrote in an earlier blog,  

“Armed with sponges, cleaning brushes, a pressure washer, and a plethora of other cleaning supplies, around 30 of us (with many others driving by to show their support of our efforts) worked hard to clean up the mess. After around an hour and a half, almost all the spray paint was gone, although HerChoice still needed to order yellow paint to cover up the remaining residue.” 

Despite working hard to quickly erase the ugly messages (such as “Liars,” “Fake Clinic,” “Fund Abortion,” “Abort God,” and “Jane’s Revenge”), this wasn’t the end of the Falcons for Life entanglement with this story.  

Online cyber bullying from Monroe’s student group

Reece recently published a detailed SFLA blog entitled “Pro-Abortion Bullying & Lack of School Support Is Rough But We’re Not Backing Down,” explaining how Monroe targets and harasses her pro-life group with less than ideal administrative support. Through in person intimidation — by screaming obscenities and getting in the Falcons for Life faces — as well as online cyberbullying and defamation, Monroe and the radical group she leads on campus have made it hard to be pro-life. They’re not giving up yet, though. The Falcons for Life are currently getting help from SFLA’s legal counsel over this matter and have sent a demand letter to the school administration.  

Stay tuned to the SFLA blog for more updates on this story.  

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