Can Christianity Support Abortion? This Church of the Nazarene Pastor Says No  

Caroline Wharton - 26 Jun 2023

There are members of both the Pro-Life Generation and the abortion lobby who call themselves Christian, but what does Christianity as a religion actually say about abortion? In response to this often-asked question in our culture, Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Director of Strategic Initiatives, Michele Hendrickson, recently published an op-ed at Townhall on this topic from her perspective as a Church of the Nazarene pastor. The piece, entitled “Consistent Christians Oppose Abortion,” provides compelling evidence for why all faithful Christians should be pro-life.  

Hendrickson directs her comments particularly at a recent op-ed from Newsweek in which another female pastor who is pro-abortion raised “some grave errors,” making it clear that this is a discussion churches need to have in our Post-Roe America. In particular, Hendrickson points out that many pro-abortion Christians act as though the Bible has nothing to say about the topic of abortion, justifying their claim because the Scriptures never use the word ‘abortion.’ In contrast, though, she believes the Bible is actually very clear on this.  

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She writes, “Despite tired attempts over the years from political pundits or pro-abortion pastors to twist scripture, God’s word is exceptionally clear on who the preborn are and how their innocent lives should be treated.”  

Hendrickson continues by expounding upon this point, using biblical passages to show that in the womb we are fully alive, human, unique, and whole. She sums it up by writing:  

“Our Christian faith instructs that God alone has the authority to give life or take it away. (Ex 20:13) (Deut 5:17) (Job 1:21) (1 Sam 2:6) (Mat 5:20-22) (Rom 13:9). There is no biblical justification for taking innocent life, and there is no reason that command would not also pertain to children in the womb. Selectively applying the Lord’s love and protection based on qualifiers like age, dependency, location, or whether someone’s existence is convenient to his or her biological parents is outright discrimination and the antithesis of Christ’s teaching.”  

Hendrickson goes on to criticize some polling on Christians’ views on abortion, saying: 

“An active faith requires more than a label, demanding consistency in beliefs, consistency in practice, and consistency in whether or not you live according to the faith you profess. Just because someone generally identifies as “Christian” within a survey — or on a Minister’s license for that matter — does not mean that self-identifier reflects their actual beliefs.”  

To read Hendrickson’s full article at Townhall, click HERE.  

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