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In Surprise Visit to PETA’s Headquarters,  SFLA Challenges PETA “to join our efforts to protect the environment and endangered species by stopping the practice of dumping medical waste” from Chemical Abortion Pills

Kristi Hamrick - 07 Jun 2023

The visit follows SFLA’s letter to PETA sent on Endangered Species Day in which SFLA asking for support for Red Bag Medical Waste Requirements to protect waterways. 

Click here to view Students for Life Action’s call to Environmentally Minded Americans to engage PETA on behalf of Endangered Species & Water Safety. 

“PETA’s President told the world this week that she wants her body cut up after her death and sent to all kinds of her opponents, but the one thing she can’t do is throw it in the river outside PETA’s offices. We also shouldn’t flush Chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue, and human remains into our waterways as a boon to Big Abortion. No other industry is permitted government-sanctioned, corporate dumping of medical waste.” 

NORFOLK, VA (06-07-2023) – Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins along with SFLA staff and volunteers made a surprise stop at the national headquarters of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), asking their president, Ingrid Newkirk, and her supporters to join SFLA in demanding that Red Bag Medical Waste requirements be added to the health and safety standards attached to Chemical Abortion Pill use. Currently, the No Test, Online Distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills sets up a system in which chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue, and human remains are flushed into America’s wastewater system as a result of ingesting the pills – now mailed across the country – despite the prohibitions of the Comstock ActLearn more about those environmental dangers, here. 

For pictures and video of the event, check out Students for Life of America’s Facebook and Instagram starting at 2 p.m. ET. 

The potential issues with dumping chemically tainted medical waste into our waterways was examined just last week by PolitiFact, which didn’t issue its usual ratings. To learn more about how PolitiFact confirmed SFLA’s troubling findings on environmental harms, click here to read: Thank you PolitiFact for Making Our Case About the Potential Harms of Chemical Abortion Pills to America’s Water Safety  

CLICK HERE to read Hawkins’ op-ed in Newsweek, along with two state legislators, titled Stop Dumping Medical Waste, detailing environmental harms of Chemical Abortion Pills & solutions. 

SFLA called for Red Bag Medical Waste requirements in the first of our Citizen Petitions, which would require that the pathological medical waste created by taking Chemical Abortion Pills be collected and returned for proper disposal.  

Click here to read more on SFLA’s Citizen Petitions – now three and counting

To read SFLA’s amicus brief on the failure follow the law and complete testing to determine whether FDA policy could harm endangered species, click here. The brief is offered in the case currently before the Fifth Circuit, Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, Et Al. v. U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Et Al., Appellants; Danco Laboratories, Appellant

SFLA’s Hawkins sent the letter to PETA, as part of our effort to align with those concerned about the impact of Big Abortion Pharma on vulnerable species.  

The letter reads:  

Ingrid Newkirk  

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals   

501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510  

Dear Ms. Newkirk,  

With respect to your mission at PETA and your goal of protecting animals from experimentation and abuse, I reach out to you today on a point where our missions align.  

With more than half of America’s abortions now committed with Chemical Abortion Pills (mifepristone and misoprostol), sending human remains, placenta tissue, and potent chemicals into the wastewater system, we have to ask a critical question: what’s happening to the environment?   

As Students for Life of America illustrates in a number of Citizen Petitions to the FDA, NIH-published studies show that the on-going active ingredients in the Chemical Abortion Pills continue to have an effect, mean that which impacts the reproductive life of human beings also can impact the reproductive life of aquatic and animal life.  

Right now in the United States, a great experiment has actively been taking place over more than 20 years that puts aquatic life and the lives of many endangered species at risk through negligence.  Through the flushing of chemically tainted human remains, tissue, and blood, active metabolites from Mifepristone are entering the water cycle.   

These active metabolites are endocrine disruptors, and more specifically block progesterone which can potentially cause an inability for those animals exposed to get pregnant and/or stay pregnant.  At most risk are those animals in habitats where water treatment facilities release treated water back into a local water source and those animals dependent on that habitat as a food source.    

We at Students for Life of America (SFLA) and Students for Life Action (SFLAction) have been actively working to stop this great experiment, calling for Red Bag Medical Waste requirements to capture tainted remains before they reach the water supply.  This should be the bare minimum to mitigate this pharmaceutical pollutant’s harm.  It is the kind of requirement for medical waste that is routinely demanded.   

Other industries do not receive permission for government-sanctioned, corporate dumping of medical waste. The Abortion Industry should not receive tacit permission to pollute.  

However, we have not had a response yet to that outreach, which is why we find ourselves acting through legislation and legal steps that we are challenging you to join.  

 We have compiled information, studies, and research on the environmental that we encourage you to peruse in depth to get the full understanding of what is at risk at here: 

We urge you to join our efforts to protect the environment and endangered species by stopping the practice of dumping medical waste that is chemically tainted into our waterways by joining our call to legislators to support “Red Bag Medical Waste Requirements” that are used to capture and treat medical waste to protect the environment.  

We represent over 1,400 Students for Life groups across the nation and the hundreds of thousands that consider themselves a part of the Pro-Life Generation.  We have a rising concern that abortions are no longer only affecting a woman and her child, but our environment in such a way that puts life at risk – from the smallest of aquatic life near water treatment facilities to the human beings subject to drinking the water out of their faucets.   

Water is a precious resource for all on our planet and we must work together to ensure that it is as safe as possible and “Red Bag Medical Waste Requirements” are one step towards that goal.  

We hope to hear from you soon on this matter and we plan to come knocking on your door for an answer soon with the Pro-Life Generation in tow.  We hope you join us!  


Kristan Hawkins  


Students for Life of America  

Students for Life Action  

For more about Chemical Abortion Pills, visit This Is Chemical Abortion. 

SAVE THE DATE: On June 24, SFLA will hold an historic event in Washington D.C. to note the one-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade’s end, calling for recognition of the protections for preborn life found already in the U.S. Constitution – in the 14th Amendment. Click here to learn more. 

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