After Publicity Stunt, The “Kardashian Abortionist” Was Fined But It’s Not Good Enough  

Caroline Wharton - 02 Jun 2023

Do you remember Caitlyn Bernard, the infamous woman Students for Life of America (SFLA) dubbed the “Kardashian” of abortionists for her media gluttony? She’s back in the news again — but this time, we don’t think she’s too happy about the attention surrounding her recent slap on the wrist. Here’s what you need to know:  

In Case You Missed It…Who is Caitlyn Bernard?  

SFLA reported earlier:  

“One day, when abortion is both unattainable and unthinkable, everyone will look back and see the acts of abortionists as inhumane and grotesque — but for now, the pro-abortion mainstream media is putting these medical monsters up on pedestals as paragons of virtue. Highlighted recently in a Washington Post feature, abortionist Caitlyn Bernard is one of them, and her whitewashed story of crocodile tears will make you wish she cared as much about women as she did about fame.  

“In the profile entitled “She Provided an Abortion to a 10-Year-Old. She’s Still Fighting for Her Patients,” Washington Post reporter Caitlin Gibson provided a gushy look at Bernard… as it reveals Bernard’s love for the camera as she writes that Bernard’s “name was emblazoned in national headlines, her face flashed across television screens, her reputation assailed by right-wing pundits and politicians.” Bernard herself says she feels a duty to “speak publicly” but in what seems like false modesty, she admonishes people not to think she’s exceptional. (No worries there on our part!)   

“Really, Bernard is almost like the Kardashian of the abortion industry as she seemingly vies for the media attention. Her face and story have even been featured in the New York Times, among other outlets. Are you sure notoriety has nothing to do with your “activism,” Bernard?”  

Why She’s Back Again  

One of the biggest factors that contributed to Bernard’s ‘infamy’ was her publicizing that she committed an abortion on a 10-year-old…but beyond this being a very terrible thing to happen to this young girl, was Bernard even allowed to talk about it? Her licensing board didn’t think so.  

Just recently, the Indiana State Medical Licensing Board voted to reprimand Bernard for violating privacy laws by publicly talking about the minor’s abortion. She was fined $3,000 for the offense — but sadly, that’s as far as it went. A very weak response, indeed.  

The licensing board rejected Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita’s accusation that Bernard had violated state law by not reporting the child abuse to the state’s law enforcement authorities, and they also turned down his request to suspend her license. Instead, it was merely called an “egregious violation” of patient privacy, and the aforementioned fee (a pittance when you consider what Bernard’s salary might be) was designated as punishment. 

History of Abortion

While Bernard broke down in tears at the board’s decision, it hardly seems harsh enough. A child was sexually assaulted before Bernard brought a second form of violence — abortion — upon her, and the girl was then sent home to live with her abuser again as Bernard failed to report and protect her. To top it off, Bernard then won media laurels through breaking privacy laws to push this story. 

In light of these facts, her punishment is clearly nothing more than a slap on the wrist; it is an empty ‘justice’ devoid of actually wanting to rectify a problem.  

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