Megyn Kelly & Kristan Hawkins Agree: We Are Women, Not Just Bodies With Female Sex Organs  

Caroline Wharton - 01 Jun 2023

There is a war on women; and no, it doesn’t have to do with the patriarchy. It’s about the erasure of women and their protected rights in society, and it starts when we stop acting like women exist — like the feminine hygiene product maker Always did recently. Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly called out the company’s repugnant actions for what they were, and Students for Life of America (SFLA) stands in lockstep with her. Here’s what you need to know:  

Always put out a pamphlet recently entitled “Always’ Puberty & Confidence Guide for Parents & Carers,” and upon looking it over, Kelly made some serious objections to it on her Twitter account. She tweeted:  

“Dear Always: we are not “bodies with female sex organs.” We are WOMEN. GIRLS. And we are the only ones who get periods and buy products from your pathetic, dehumanizing, and apparently misogynistic brand. Got it?”  

Her response was due to the fact that the pamphlet neglects to use the words ‘daughter’ or ‘girl,’ as the New York Post pointed out, and actually instead uses the phrase “people with female sex organs’ to describe the target audience. You mean…women?  

For a company that caters exclusively to women, you’d think — you would hope! — that they’d understand their customer base. When that’s not the case, however, it is not only a ridiculous denial of reality but also very insulting to every woman who has ever used their products. Always is rejecting the idea of womanhood, almost pretending that women don’t exist.  

SFLA President Kristan Hawkins staunchly agrees with Kelly’s take and has been forthright in bringing that perspective on campus. To see her in action, watch her debate a student at Western Washington University who claimed she “had a womb but wasn’t a woman” in the video below:  

The student asked, “What about folks who have wombs but are not women, like transgender or gender queer folks? Why do you keep saying women when this issue affects more than women?”  

Hawkins responded, “Because there are two genders: male and female.”  

The student butted in again, “There aren’t. I am nonbinary. I have a friend who is intersex…who has different chromosomes than you would expect her physically to have…this issue affects more than women. It affects trans-men. It affects transgender queer folks.”  

Hawkins replied simply, “Women have wombs.”  

But the student didn’t like that very much. She insisted, “I am not a woman, and I have a womb.”  

Hawkins broke the news to her: “You are a woman.” And the room went wild — apparently, elementary biology causes a buzz these days.  

Hawkins also recently went after this false idea that suddenly we have no idea what a woman is in her 2023 Spring Speaking Tour entitled “Lies Pro-Choicers Believe.” The tour covered ten different lies including the false claim that men can have babies. Her myth-dispelling message was received on campuses around the country with no little pushback. One tour stop at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) was disrupted by violent abortion supporters to the point where it had to be shut down by police officers and emergency medical services had to be called in. Even when VCU held a ‘take two’ event since Hawkins had been previously unable to deliver her speech, multiple Antifa members were arrested again.  

Telling the truth in our society comes at a price (quite literally, since Hawkins required security officers for her speaking tours now due to intense hostility from the abortion lobby), but it’s something SFLA and Hawkins are willing to pay. After all, if we don’t speak boldly about these things, who will? Who would want to? Thank you, Megyn Kelly, for standing with us and every American woman. We will not be expunged without a fight.  

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