Students for Life of America to GQ: Abortion is Not Manly 

Caroline Wharton - 22 May 2023
Guest post by Students for Life of America’s Contributing Writer Anna Reynolds

In a recent op-ed at Townhall, Students for Life of America’s Caroline Wharton responded to pro-abortion claptrap in the magazine GQ. The periodical used to be known as “Gentleman’s Quarterly,” but, as Wharton notes, it’s no surprise that they became simply “GQ.” The pro-abortion talking points and advice for fathers is anything but gentlemanly. 

Because this is 2023, GQ can no longer assume that articles are aimed at men, let alone gentlemen. Wharton adds parenthetically, “Humorously, even the author of this article isn’t so sure who they’re writing to — it’s for ‘someone who can get someone pregnant.’ Pray for their marketing department.” 

According to GQ, the ultimate demonstration of respect for women is splitting the cost of an abortion. Wharton writes: 

“Chivalry also dies a painful death beside self-respect as this is a how-to guide for being a pathetic, irresponsible guy. Beyond GQ’s advice being personally self-devastating, the article is a window into how pro-choice men think about others; clearly, they use abortion in order to be able to use women. Live Action has an excellent satirical video explaining this; how ‘abortion rights’ are pro-choice men’s rights.” 

The 14-point guide in GQ has the benefit of outlining the real risks of promiscuity, including sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy. However, the solutions GQ has to offer are little more than supporting abortion, paying for abortions, and donating to abortion funds. 

Wharton notes that the article completely ignores the fact that “surveys such as one recently commissioned by Support After Abortion which shows that more than 70% of men experience adverse changes in their mental health following an abortion.” 

GQ does not want to acknowledge that most men will be affected by abortion, because that does not fit the easy breezy narrative of abortion-on-demand as a “solution” to avoid commitment and responsibility.  

To counter the 14 responsibility-dodging suggestions in favor of the abortion industry, Wharton offers 14 counterpoints “in case you area gentleman and stumbled upon GQ’s article by mistake (an honest one with that misleading name), here are 14 rules real men should follow, whenever and wherever.” 

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