It’s Time to Stop Taking Planned Parenthood’s Bad Advice

Caroline Wharton - 19 May 2023

Guest post by Students for Life of America’s Contributing Writer Anna Reynolds

GUEST POST: We appear to be living through an experience of mass delusion in which people continue to believe that Planned Parenthood is helping women’s health. Even though Planned Parenthood is responsible for more abortions in the United States than any other business, many people are hesitant to criticize them. People still mistakenly believe that Planned Parenthood is providing lots of essential health services, educating and empowering women, and supporting a healthy society. With an epidemic of sexually transmitted infections continuing to spread, it’s time to take a closer look and stop accepting Planned Parenthood’s bad advice. 

After decades of skyrocketing sexually transmitted infections, Planned Parenthood has had to modify its claim that teens can have “safe sex,” now calling it “safer sex.” Planned Parenthood infiltrating our public schools and running sex education has resulted in a health crisis with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimating about 2.5 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases. And that number that may be lower than the total because Covid delayed some people getting tested. 

It’s estimated that one in four Americans have an incurable STD. Almost half of all new STDs diagnosed occur in teens and young adults (ages 15-24). It’s estimated that it costs $1.1 billion to address the new and existing infections of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. And those are only three of the many STDs affecting teens and young adults. These infections are common and preventable, yet they continue to spread like wildfire. Although many people choose to stick their head in the sand, there is more and more evidence that Planned Parenthood and the bad advice they sell to young children has a role in this health crisis. 

Planned Parenthood is fixated on eliminating parenthood. The number one objective of America’s largest abortion business is to sell abortions. That is why the 2021-2022 Planned Parenthood annual report shows there were 374,155 abortions committed at Planned Parenthood. To put that horrific number into perspective, that represents around 40% of the abortions committed in the United States (an exact number is not known because not all states have abortion reporting requirements). The 374,155 in the most recent annual report is also the second highest abortion count in the organization’s history. 

When it comes to legitimate health services, like cancer screenings, Planned Parenthood continues to fall behind. In 2021-2022 cancer screenings rose nearly 13%, which sounds impressive until you learn that overall cancer screenings have dropped over 78% from the high in 2004. Planned Parenthood is not concerned with women’s health but with their bottom line. 

While Planned Parenthood continues to sell abortion, they are also fast becoming one of the top distributers of wrong-sex hormones for underage, gender-confused teens. Students for Life of America has reported on the explosive growth of Planned Parenthood’s business peddling potent hormones with unknown life-long effects.  

Students for Life of America’s President Kristan Hawkins noted, “The sex-altering drugs they sell have the capacity of making people infertile for life, which makes giving them to minors very disturbing, as they don’t understand the life-long choice they may be making. The annual report even notes that ‘Sterilization’ is a category, with 74 women and 2,857 men cutting off their child-bearing abilities through Planned Parenthood’s version of ‘services.’”  

So much for “planning” parenthood, Planned Parenthood is going to ensure that many young people never become parents.  

But what about birth control? Planned Parenthood has posed for years as a neutral and unbiased organization of sex experts. Under this guise, Planned Parenthood has infiltrated public schools with sex education programs, raking in hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year. A look at the curriculum shows that the lessons are far from neutral. From introducing pornographic material in elementary school to coaching teens to buy sex toys without their parents knowing, Planned Parenthood sex ed aims to sexualize children. 

In other words, Planned Parenthood is not just handing out condoms occasionally and letting teens go about their ordinary lives. Planned Parenthood actively encourages children and teens to engage in risky sexual behavior, grooming kids to become more sexual at earlier ages. Don’t take our words for, take a look at what is in Planned Parenthood’s sex ed material. 

We also know that every form of birth control has a failure rate, and that failure rate represents babies conceived in unplanned pregnancies. After grooming children to be sexually active and supplying basic forms of birth control, Planned Parenthood has undeservedly gained children’s trust. Where will they go when they are unexpectedly pregnant? Planned Parenthood, of course, where they will be pressured to undergo an abortion. Planned Parenthood now commits 208 abortions for every one adoption referral, dropping by over 7%, falling from 1,940 in 2000 to 1,803 in 2021. In the end, educating teens and providing contraception results in selling abortion. 

It is time to stop sending our girls and boys to the groomers at Planned Parenthood. The abortion business has shown time and again that it is not equipped to address the health crises facing our children and teens. Planned Parenthood is an abortion business that has profited from risky sexual behavior for long enough. 

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