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Did You Know Abortion Can Affect Your Future Chances of Having a Child?  

Caroline Wharton - 13 Apr 2023

Women seeking an abortion often do so with the mindset of delaying motherhood, not ending it altogether, as they think ‘I just can’t have a child right now’ — but what if they knew that having an abortion could hurt their chances of ever having children? While abortion is an inhumane practice regardless as it ends a preborn life, there are also negative consequences to female fertility which can be devasting for women who hope to be future mothers. Unfortunately, many are unaware of this, and that doesn’t appear to be a coincidence; instead, it seems to be a direct effort of the abortion lobby to blind women to this truth.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) has been fighting to expose this harmful omission for many years, and as a part of these efforts, SFLA President Kristan Hawkins published an op-ed earlier on this topic at The Federalist entitled “The Left Won’t Tell Women That Abortion Can Cost Them Their Future Family.” She wrote: 

“Fully informed consent to any abortion, whether surgical or chemical, should include the long-term implications for women’s fertility, as some women will later find they’ve lost the ability ever to have a child. The abortion industry’s failures to educate women on what might happen to their own bodies following an abortion should be considered malpractice.” 

What exactly might happen to their bodies following an abortion that could put their future fertility in jeopardy? Hawkins’ short list enumerated in this article includes: 

  • If a woman is an Rh-negative blood type while her partner is a Rh-positive, antibodies can build up which may not affect her first preborn child but can attack future pregnancies, resulting in miscarriage. The only way to possibly prevent this is a) to screen women for their blood types prior to abortion and b) administer a shot of Rh immunoglobulin within time if a woman falls within this demographic to prevent future difficulty. 
  • A woman may experience more pre-term births following an abortion, which can potentially lead to the death of future children and damage to a woman’s body.  

Hawkins summarized, “Some women don’t know that agreeing to an abortion means more than just that child will be lost to them forever. One in five  cases  of abortion can result in “a major complication that requires an overnight hospital stay, a blood transfusion or surgery”… Infertility is on the  rise  in America… to head off that kind of heartbreak, fully informed consent, Rh-negative treatment, and follow-up care after all abortions must be required of the abortion industry so it does not quietly and negligently shut down a family’s future.”  

As one in eight women now struggle with infertility, this is a serious issue to consider — read Hawkins’ article in its entirety at The Federalist by clicking HERE.  

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