Top 5 Grossest Abortion “Jokes” Chris Rock Made in New Netflix Special 

Caroline Wharton - 07 Mar 2023

In his newest Netflix “comedy” special, celebrity entertainer Chris Rock hit a new low during a bit on stage when he exposed what we all knew to be true: the abortion lobby knows it’s a baby inside the womb, but they just don’t care. His off-putting performance was disturbing to watch as he “joked” about how many abortions he’s paid for and how women should be able to abort babies years after they’ve been born all because “humans have the worst offspring of any animal.” Here’s five things that made us cringe about his diatribe on death and what it revealed about abortion supporters:  

The Dark Reason Why He Feels Comfortable Weighing In On Abortion 

Rock began his segment on abortion by talking about how people always say he shouldn’t have a part in the discussion since it’s a “women’s issue.” While Students for Life of America (SFLA) holds that everyone should be concerned about abortion as it’s a human rights issue, we definitely don’t agree and are disgusted by the reason Rock thinks he should be part of the club.  

He said, “People always say, ‘Chris, you shouldn’t talk about abortion, it’s a women issue.’ I’m like…I’ve paid for more abortions than any woman in this room. When I go to the clinic, I say, ‘Give me the usual.’ When I go in there, they give me a punch card. Two more and I get a free smoothie.”  

Bragging about how many preborn children you’ve killed isn’t funny — but it does say something about how you view fatherhood and the women that you didn’t care enough about to offer support or co-parenting when they conceived your child. This is yet another example of pro-abortion men using abortion as a sick tool in order to use women for their pleasure without any responsibility towards them.  

Bringing His Daughters Into It in the Nastiest Way Possible  

Despite Rock’s assertions that he’s helped to kill many of his children, he brings up the two girls he’s allowed to live — and his attempts to say he’s partially pro-life because of them are the only laughable thing about this bit.  

He said, “I have two beautiful daughters and so there’s a part of me that’s pro-life because I’m definitely pro-their-lives. There’s a part of me that’s pro-life, but because I love them unconditionally, not just as little girls but also as grown women…I believe women should have the right to kill babies. That’s right… I believe you should have the right to kill as many babies as you want. Kill them all; I don’t give a f*ck.”  

Clearly, Rock isn’t very pro-his-grandchildren’s-lives, but just because he doesn’t personally care doesn’t mean that abortion isn’t still wrong. Our rights stop where others’ rights begin — the first and foremost being the right to life — and just because you want to get rid of a child doesn’t mean you should be able to kill that child.     

Yes, It Is Killing a Baby  

In case it wasn’t already abundantly obvious that the abortion lobby knows they’re killing babies, Rock makes it crystal clear by saying, “Let’s not get it twisted. It [abortion] is killing a baby because whenever I pay for an abortion, I request a dead baby. Sometimes, I call up the doctor like a hit man…is it done?” 

Killing Kids Through Kindergarten  

If you thought it couldn’t get worse, make sure your seatbelt is on and hold tight — Rock pushes aborting kids way past birth, equating their worth to a school report card.  

He said: “People argue about trimesters…I think women should have a right to kill a baby until they’re four years old. F*ck trimester; semester! I think you should be able to kill a baby until you get that first report card…He ain’t never getting a scholarship so…we’re going to the clinic.”  

Killing children based on their grades? Rock himself never finished high school (although later, he did get his GED) …should we value him less as a person for that?  

His Bad Advice & Back Pat   

Rock finishes up his abortion bit by giving some bad advice while also patting himself on the back, saying: “Ladies, listen to me…if you have to pay for your own abortion, you should get an abortion. Stop letting broke [men get you pregnant]. This is a public service announcement.”  

Better idea: how about women stop having sex with “men” who don’t want to father their own children? What if we stop engaging with guys who will let women be traumatized by abortion to save them from inconvenience? 

Even better idea: start with Chris Rock. You don’t want to see his special — take our word for it.  

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