Americans Want No Part of HHS’s Proposed Power Grab for Abortion — We Are So Done with Public Health Emergencies  

Caroline Wharton - 06 Feb 2023

If you enjoyed the negative ramifications of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency — on the economy, mental health, religious and personal freedoms, etc. — you’re going to love that Axios has reported that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is considering declaring a Public Health Emergency for abortion. That’s right; in our Post-Roe America, it is now harder to kill preborn children, and in the eyes of the Biden Administration, that’s a national crisis.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins recently published on op-ed on this topic at Fox News entitled “Abortion is An Emergency, But Dangerous in a Different Way Than What Biden Claims.” Hawkins highlighted the absurdity of this idea, stating that the real public health emergency is the fact that preborn children are killed and women are harmed every day by the predatory abortion industry. She maintained that it should be highly alarming to Americans that such action is being considered because who knows what malarkey would occur with such a power grab?  

Hawkins wrote: “Almost certainly Public Health Emergency superpowers could allow Becerra to throw out state laws, but it wouldn’t stop there. During COVID-19, schools closed; businesses closed; churches closed; and social media enterprises increased their censorship of alternative points of view to prevent any discussion of potential cures or evidence that didn’t fit the ruling narrative.   

“Such a power grab can be envisioned again with faith-based schools closed or curriculum censored, social media platforms increasing their censorship of organizations like Students for Life, churches investigated and shut down, and pregnancy care centers, which provide free resources like diapers and baby formula services that Planned Parenthood has never and will never provide, shuttered.” 

Hawkins asserted that such a conclusion isn’t too speculative as the Biden Administration appears set on trying every possible avenue in order to ensure preborn babies die. We need only to look at what has happened over the past few weeks for proof. Hawkins wrote, “Over the last few weeks, HHS announced that they want to require funding in insurance mandates related to hormones and drugs that may cause abortion and told pharmacies they could get in on the profits of death by pills in neighborhoods across the country. Meanwhile the Department of Justice told the U.S. Postal Service they could violate state laws to mail chemical abortion pills, filed charges against people who prayed outside of abortion vendor locations, and even took states to court for the audacity to say they think babies in the womb are as important for babies outside of the womb.”  

She continued, “The underlying assertion in this move is pure gaslighting. Pregnancy is not a disease cured by abortion. And if Biden and Becerra’s definition of healthcare is killing people on purpose, they should be fired.   

“Our elected officials and attorneys general across the country must make it clear that America will not be placed under martial law in the hands of Becerra in the name of abortion. Unless you enjoyed America under the COVID-19 restrictions, you’re not going to like this.”  

Click HERE to read the entirety of Hawkins’ op-ed at Fox News.  

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