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Lessons From a Non-Profit Run by Students: Anyone Can Make a Difference

Caroline Wharton - 21 Dec 2022
Guest post by SFLA Student Spokesperson Katie Rose Geer

GUEST POST: “God doesn’t call the perfect; he calls the willing” – Samuel Rorigru.

This quote has been the foundation of my work at national non-profit Worth It Network where I lead as the Founder and Executive Director. Our mission at Worth It is “to empower youth to understand their unique value through peer education which supports life-affirming choices and healthy relationships.”

As Executive Director, God has radically shaken my view of weakness as I can do the unimaginable through His strength. Through my weakness, His power is made perfect, and I was shown that this semester as Worth It has made tremendous strides in ways I previously thought impossible.

The Worth It team

In just four months, the Worth It team has led 14 teaching sessions and spoken to more than 270 students from both middle schools and high schools. We have presented to two public high schools and a prestigious blue-ribbon private school in Virginia.

We have also been recognized nationally through a KRMS morning radio show in Missouri and globally through Il Fatto Quotidiano, a national Italian news agency. As we began developing evidence-based curricula, we have had the honor of working alongside a national expert of health education Dr. Connie Huber.

The most rewarding aspect of directing Worth It is building and working alongside a team of influential leaders. This semester, we hired three staff members (Jimmy Ekdahl, Maddy Lanning, and Alyssa Thoburn), as well as a dozen interns and volunteers. Four interns were selected and trained as spokespersons for Worth It in order to present our curriculum to local middle and high schools.

If you are interested in becoming a Worth It spokesperson, apply HERE to gain experience in public speaking, networking, leadership, and more!

This upcoming spring, we will be launching a Worth It show, a Worth It club, and collaborating with a national mental health platform. We will also be performing and publishing academic, peer-reviewed research to aid our program planning, evaluation, and implementation process.

Throughout this journey leading the Worth It Network, I have been humbled in learning how to perform as an Executive Director and comprehending the needs and activities of this organization. I understand, however, that reforming the way our society views sex is extremely important so despite my youth and inexperience all I have given is my willingness; my yes.

I want to challenge you today: what is your yes? What is a mission you know is important, that you feel strongly about, but that you aren’t pursuing because you feel that you’re not enough? Remember, God doesn’t call the perfect; he calls the willing. Let’s be willing to make a difference!

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