Planned Parenthood Normalizes Pornography for Kindergartners

Caroline Wharton - 19 Dec 2022
Guest post by SFLA Thaddeus Stevens Fellow Mary Elise Cosgray

GUEST POST: Should comprehensive sex education — a term for sexual education which includes inappropriate and almost pornographic material — be taught in schools, let alone begin in kindergarten? Parenthood’s Executive Director Bill Taverner thinks so

In a recent uncovering of the executive’s comments from 2015, he asserted, “We are all sexual beings from birth.” Along with that bold statement, Taverner proceeded to claim that there are “good” forms of porn, and that porn literacy is vital to children’s understanding of the topic. While his statements understandably let loose a firestorm of criticism and concern over a pedophilic mindset, he also revealed a stunning lack of knowledge regarding the particularly destructive effects of porn on human sexuality. 

According to The Children’s Assessment Center, exposing minors to pornography is considered a grave and unfortunately common form of sexual abuse which is often used as a tool to groom malleable minds. Diana Russell writes in Big Porn Inc. that pornography has been proven as an effective route to “arouse, legitimize, desensitize and silence children who are being molested.” The Barna Report has also confirmed the grim reality of pornography on young minds, including that this sexual media “distorts young people’s view of sexuality, leads to earlier sexual activity, as well as more lifetime sexual partners, destroys relationships, and increases the risk of porn addiction.” 

However, in direct opposition to many experts’ research on human development and child abuse, Planned Parenthood continues to hawk “porn literacy” as a necessary and helpful comprehensive sexual education instrument. As stated on their website, Planned Parenthood offers ‘Porn Literacy in Sex Education’ training, which they describe as offering “essential information for all providers, and is especially geared towards those working with young people.” This is our nation’s largest sexual education provider, reportedly reaching approximately 1.2 million Americans through their “education” and “outreach.” 

Do you understand why Planned Parenthood is the number one fan of “porn literacy?” Porn, as studies proved, leads to earlier sexual activity, more sexual partners, and destroyed relationships: the perfect recipe for more abortions. As one of the nation’s largest abortion vendors, Planned Parenthood is only too happy to offer to abort the consequences of porn-fueled sexual activity — and then they start the cycle all over again by promoting porn to school children.  

(Click HERE to read more about why we need to kick Planned Parenthood out of the classroom.)  

Americans cannot allow Planned Parenthood to continue providing sexual education in good conscience. Sexual education is a vital topic as it forms the minds of America’s future; it has been debated at large whether schools should even have the responsibility of sexual education, and if parent-to-child intimacy conversations are perhaps the most effective in teaching the sacred topic. 

However, thanks to Bill Taverner, parents on either side of the fence now have common ground. At the very least, Planned Parenthood should have no place as children’s sexuality educators. An industry that chooses to exploit, destroy, and pervert the young minds of America must be explicitly forbidden from educating the young minds of our country.  

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