The Washington Post Knows How Much of a Rockstar this SFLA Student Spokesperson Has Been 

Caroline Wharton - 05 Dec 2022

As the 2022 fall semester is in the home stretch, the Washington Post recently published an article on students’ opinions on abortion in this first semester of school after the Dobbs decision — and among other amazing pro-lifers, we were proud to see one of our Students for Life of America (SFLA) Student Spokespersons featured. Our Student Spokespersons are trained to effectively share the message of the pro-life movement in order to further the goal of ending abortion, and we love to watch them shine while doing so — and that’s exactly what our student Noah Slayter did.   

The article, entitled “Terrified, Elated, Anxious” and written by Julie Vitkovskaya and Susan Svrluga, detailed a wide range of students’ abortion thoughts from across the country, and Slayter’s personal take was one of the few that went beyond just a simple quote. The article read:  

“Noah Slayter’s parents hosted about 10 foster kidsover several years at their home in Manassas, Va. “There’s a lot of people that will say, ‘Oh, we should just abort the kids because they might end up in foster care,’” he said. “And I always say, ‘You’re talking about the people that I saw that slept in the room across the hall from me that, you know, I woke up and went to school with, and all of those things — those are real people. And you’re saying that their life should be ended because they could end up in the situation they’re in?’ I don’t see that as correct.” 

“The 20-year-old started with Students for Life of America at his high school, and he is a student spokesperson with the organization as a sophomore at Catholic University. 

“He felt a lot of energy from other students on campusthis fall. “There’s definitely a different attitude … a higher rate of engagement. … One of our clubs at school prays weekly at the local Planned Parenthood. And they’ve had an uptick in people who have gone to pray with them.” People keep asking him, “How can I help? How can I do something?” 

“He hopes that is the start of a real change in awareness of the optionsfor people during and after pregnancy. “That would be huge. We have all these states now that are banning abortion, and that will definitely leave people feeling like they’re in the depths. They feel like they’re left alone,” he said. “But we really need to make sure that they know they are not alone and that they have resources.” 

(To read this Washington Post article in its entirety, click HERE.) 

Slayter is an active member of the Pro-Life Generation, and we are honored to help him grow in his pro-life activism. He’s an excellent example of the gritty, innovative, and fast-moving activists we strive to cultivate. If you’re interested in reading more about Slayter’s story, you can read his personal take on adoption or an interview Students for Life Action conducted when he was formerly nominated as the Activist of the Month.  

To learn more about the SFLA Student Spokesperson program, click HERE to read our criteria, mission, and program description.  

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