Pro-Abortion Woman Interrupts Church & Imitates Grotesquely Aborting Baby Jesus; Europe Says No Big Deal  

Caroline Wharton - 31 Oct 2022

If you’re upset that there still has been no justice for the many incidents of pro-abortion violence, we hear you — and we see another recent decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) as a reminder that, unfortunately, the abortion lobby often gets off scot-free. How exactly does this European example apply? Even after a crazy pro-abortion protestor in Paris, France pulled what may be one of the most grotesque demonstrations that the abortion lobby has ever done and was appropriately punished for it, her sentence is now overruled. Here’s what happened:  

In December 2013, Eloise Bouton interrupted Christmas carols at the famous Madeleine church in Paris by exposing her naked body to the congregation and gruesomely pretending to abort the Baby Jesus. For peaceful churchgoers merely attempting to practice their religion, it certainly must have been a traumatic and unpleasant sight.  

Bouton was naked from the waist up with pro-abortion slogans written all over her body, and on her head, she wore a blue veil to mock the Virgin Mary (as she is often depicted in such garments) and a crown of thorns to scorn Jesus Christ. The most prominent message on Bouton’s body read “344 Salope,” a phrase which translates to “344th Slut.” Fox News reports this as being a reference to an “open letter of 343 French women who admitted to having an abortion in 1971.” 

Her profane body defacements, however, were the least of churchgoers’ woes.  

Bringing her disruption to a monstrous level, Bouton carried real pieces of raw ox livers with her to symbolize a bloody, aborted preborn child — and as she stood in front of the congregation at the church altar, she pretended to violently abort Baby Jesus. She finished the act by urinating on the ground.  

After the incident, the pro-abortion group Bouton who was a part of  the act, posted on social media, confirming exactly what Bouton had done by saying, “The holy mother Eloise has just aborted the embryo of Jesus on the altar of the Madeleine.” 

Isn’t the abortion lobby just lovely?  

At the time, the Madeleine priest filed a legal complaint, and a French court found Bouton guilty of an unlawful “sexual display;” she was bare-breasted in front of an entire congregation, after all. Bouton’s sentence included a fine of 2,000 euros to pay the church and more than a month in prison — however, the ECHR recently overruled this verdict.  

Instead, the early October ECHR opinion holds that the country  was wrong — and they have ordered France to pay Bouton to the tune of 9,800 euros. According to their ruling, France violated Bouton’s freedom of expression. 

The injustice of Bouton’s sentence being overruled shows a worldwide pattern of pro-abortion leaders in power looking the other way when it comes to pro-abortion perpetrators. After all, where is the impartial justice system for whoever leaked the Dobbs v. Jackson draft? 

Justice Samuel Alito said recently that the leak draft was a “grave betrayal of trust by somebody” which made the conservative justices “targets for assassination.” Why haven’t our agencies pursued this offender who opened our Justices up to threats upon their life? We can’t forget about all the pregnancy resource centers that were vandalized and firebombed, too.  

(Click HERE to read a letter Students for Life Action  supported to Congress on abuse of the FACE Act by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.)  

Students for Life of America will continue to call for justice and condemn inaction for all these examples of pro-abortion violence and terrorism. Clearly, these omissions of justice are viewpoint discrimination as pro-abortion leaders obviously pick and choose who must follow the letter of the law and who is immune based upon their abortion convictions — and their reasoning appears to go somewhat like this: If you think it is okay to kill preborn babies, you’re golden. 

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