The Losers of National Pro-Life Chalk Day: The Abortion Lobby

Caroline Wharton - 25 Oct 2022

Across the country, Students for Life of America (SFLA) groups recently participated in the 2022 National Pro-Life Chalk Day, and nationwide, members of the abortion lobby did their best to thwart these artistic representations of life — acting as though chalk was Public Enemy Number One. In case you missed seeing these vandalizations on the SFLA social media pages, here are our top five instances of pro-abortion destruction:  

New Mexico State University 

At New Mexico State University, the campus SFLA group spent more than eight hours creating beautiful works of art and messages that affirmed life — yet members of the abortion lobby spent just a couple minutes thoroughly destroying them. Abortion supporters threw water on the chalk drawings, smearing and rubbing until the Pro-Life Generation’s hard work was washed away or unrecognizable. View the destruction below:  

University of Louisville  

At the University of Louisville, abortion supporters changed the Pro-Life Generation’s chalk message — and in a completely horrific way. The SFLA group on campus had written, “If your healthcare kills, it’s not healthcare.” However, the pro-abortion vandals purposefully erased only the word “not,” leading to the message eerily reading “If your healthcare kills, it’s healthcare.” That’s the heartlessness and inhumanity of the abortion lobby for you. View the destruction below: 

Illinois State University  

At Illinois State University, abortion supporters also scratched out pro-life messages to a leave deadly, pro-abortion version, instead. In one instance, the Pro-Life Generation had written a chalk message advertising SFLA’s supportive services initiative Standing With You which helps pregnant and parenting students — but somehow, the abortion lobby found free service intolerable? Instead, they wrote, “Contact Planned Parenthood.” In addition, they added in the phone number for the local Planned Parenthood (where you won’t find services that truly help women). View the destruction below: 

Gustavus Adolphus College   

At Gustavus Adolphus College, a pro-abortion individual was actually caught on camera using a mop and bucket to wash away the pro-life messages. Talk about going all out to erase pro-life free speech. Let’s be clear: the only thing that is so bad that it deserves a clean-up and clear-up with a mop and bucket is the abortion lobby’s dirty misinformation campaign. Even as they try to muddy the waters and discriminate against pro-lifers as they did here, the Pro-Life Generation will not back down. View the destruction below: 

University of Florida  

At the University of Florida, the abortion lobby also lied to women as they added a line of writing into the SFLA campus group’s chalk message. They wrote, “If you’re pregnant, it’s okay to abort.” Sadly, they didn’t talk at all about the risks of abortion to women — or the fact that abortion kills a unique human life. Instead, they just posited pro-abortion propaganda. View the destruction below: 

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