SFLA President Shares Her Fears Beyond Abortion About This Election

Caroline Wharton - 25 Oct 2022

As one of the nation’s largest pro-life organizations, it’s no surprise to read that our work is laser focused on abolishing elective abortions. However, a new op-ed by Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins shares more issues at home and globally that she fears.  

With only 14 days until the general elections, Hawkins’ op-ed shows exactly what is at stake in this election from national security, supply chains, crime and violence, and so much more. The op-ed titled, “My Fear of Who’s Running the Country Dwarfs My Deep Concern Over Abortion” published at The Daily Wire hits on critical issues facing our country this election cycle.  

She writes: 

“We are terrified that the leader of the free world says we are close to nuclear Armageddon, yet no one is talking about it. The United Nations reports that up to 50 million people are on the verge of starvation, with a famine pending that is “a global emergency of unprecedented magnitude.”  

“Forget the Y-2K predictions. For now, the second time in my adult life, I’m wondering how much medication and food I can stockpile for my family’s future safety, and if it even matters if we come to nuclear war. China continues to make credible threats to take over Taiwan who makes the semiconductors for almost all of the mechanics of our lives, from phones to refrigerators, not to mention our medical equipment.  

“We have criminals walking over our border who are raping our daughters and young girls. And of those women who survive that journey, too many are being sex trafficked in our own country without our law enforcement significantly engaging to stop that flow or help the innocent caught in it. Instead, our government responds with championing abortions for the minors who suffered along the way.” 

Hawkins criticizes the spin coming from the White House podium that doesn’t clearly address these real issues that Americans care about. 

“Yet, the gaslighting of Democrats continues. They tell me what I’m supposed to be scared of is not war, plague, or famine – issues our current governmental leadership seem ill-equipped to handle – but instead a woman’s lack of availability to pay someone to end the life of her “inconvenient” child and Donald Trump.  

“Have they noticed he’s not President, but that we have a President coming in and out of world events led by his wife, or the governor of Michigan it would appear,  reaching into the air for handshakes, and unaware that dead Congresswomen rarely attend media events. I’m scared about who is really running the country,” wrote Hawkins.  

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