Is Hollywood Hopelessly Confused Or Purposely Misleading the Public?  

Caroline Wharton - 24 Oct 2022

In another episode of You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me, pro-abortion celebrities and members of the abortion lobby have begun confusing the definition of abortion, leading to the New York Times recently publishing an article entitled, “What Does ‘Abortion’ Mean? Even the Word Itself Is Up for Debate.” It’s a pretty poor debate, however, because it appears that abortion supporters are either severely ignorant or playing a disinformation game against the well-acknowledged definition of abortion — which do you think Hollywood is up to? 

If we’re discussing the claims made by model and television personality Chrissy Teigen, it sure looks like she’s managing a misinformation campaign with her story; after all, she only decided to play fast and loose with the definition of an abortion after the reversal of Roe v. Wade — which seems just a tad fishy. The New York Times reported,  

“Chrissy Teigen…announced at a conference and on social media in September that discussions after the Supreme Court decision made her realize that a miscarriage she publicized in 2020 had in fact been an abortion. Her fetus, in the second trimester, “had absolutely no chance” and her own life was at risk.”  

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But was this really an abortion? No, and here’s the difference: an abortion is the intentional and elective killing of a preborn child for convenience whereas life-saving medical care for a mother which may result in the death of a preborn child is done with the intention of saving both patients if possible. As Teigen clearly stated her grief at losing her preborn child, Jack, in this way, it is clear she did not undergo an abortion.  

However, Teigen’s incorrect labelling of her experience has led to women reconsidering their tragic pregnancy losses in a different light, including actress Jenny Mollen who the New York Times reported felt called to “announce that she, too, had abortions to treat two miscarriages.”  

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Yet again, we see a real difference in definitions here that must be addressed because a miscarriage and an abortion are mutually exclusive. This is because a miscarriage is the unintentional, natural death of a preborn child while an abortion is the intentional killing of a preborn child — so if Mollen had already miscarried, she couldn’t have an abortion since the baby would already be deceased. While medical miscarriage care can entail removing a dead baby from the mother’s body, it should never be conflated with elective abortions because the mother didn’t choose for her baby to die; sadly, they just did.  

In differentiating between the two, the Association of American Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists said

“Procedures sometimes used to perform induced abortions, such as a D&C, are procedures commonly performed in the practice of obstetrics for the management of miscarriage.  All OB/GYN resident physicians, even those who train at hospitals who do not perform abortions or those who choose not to perform abortions, are well-trained in these procedures as part of their management of miscarriage. Miscarriage management is a part of every OB/GYN’s practice, as opposed to abortion which is not performed by 76-93% of OB’s.”  

These two celebrities may not understand these differences and may merely be confused — but when the abortion lobby acts as though these terms are interchangeable, you better believe it’s on purpose. Why? Abortion is an ugly topic, and it’s much better for their narrative if they muddy the waters, convincing all women that they, too, have somehow had an abortion and thus should support abortion.

This strategy is not only manipulative and conniving but also extremely insensitive towards women who deeply wanted their lost preborn children. They would never have chosen to abort their child yet the abortion lobby gaslights their experiences and attempts to thrust this perspective on them — as if you needed more proof that abortion supporters are anti-women.  

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