The Women’s March: What They March for & I March Against

Caroline Wharton - 13 Oct 2022
Guest post by SFLA Student Spokesperson Alivia Grace Talley

GUEST POST: My social media pages have been filled recently with heartbreaking pictures from the Women’s March, an organization that claims abortion is pro-woman and pro-equality. 

The Women’s March insists that they are committed to “dismantling systems of oppression” yet march in support of abortion – the direct, cruel, and unjust killing of preborn babies, many of whom are baby girls. They claim to march for all women, regardless of race, age, location, or any other line of difference – but what about preborn girls? What about their right to life and their bodily autonomy? 

In reality, they march to end the lives of millions of preborn women. It is sickening that our society not only allows innocent human beings to be killed, but they also celebrate it. Abortion is what they are really marching for, and here’s what that looks like:  

Chemical Abortion pills, the new frontier of the abortion industry, are the new back-alley abortion. Chemical Abortion harms women by causing injury, infertility, and even death. Abortion supporters claim that they pre- Roe, women were dying from “back-alley abortions and coat hanger abortions.” However, isn’t that exactly what they now support as they favor women being allowed to receive the Chemical Abortion pill to their doorstep without ever seeing a medical professional?  

If not Chemical Abortion, other forms of abortions are also deadly to the preborn baby (as they dismember, starve, and poison them) and extremely harmful (if not life-threatening) to the mother.

Abortion hurts women. Abortion leaves women with enduring emotional, mental, and physical pain. The risk of suicide is three times greater for women who have had abortions than for women who have delivered.  Through pro-life tabling on my campus, I have spoken to many students who regret their abortion. Their pain and regret brings them to tears.  

This is abortion. THIS is what they march for, and this is what I march against. 

The violence and trauma of abortion must come to an end.  

At the moment of fertilization, a unique human being comes into existence. 96% of biologists believe this – and that means there is majority consensus within the scientific community. The DNA that is created is distinct and unrepeatable (no other human being will ever possess the same genetic code), and every unique human being has intrinsic value. Since life begins at fertilization, that means abortion ALWAYS ends a valuable human life. This is what hundreds of thousands of people gather to march for every January in Washington, D.C at the National Pro-Life March – we march to protect the dignity and value of each human life. 

I have attended the National Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C. for the past three years. I march for those who cannot march for themselves. I march for women who have been wounded by abortion. I march in remembrance of the 50+ million innocent baby boys and girls who are missing from this world directly because of abortion. THIS is pro-woman. THIS is pro-equality. 

It’s time for society to know the truth: All human life is valuable, women always deserve more than abortion, and pro-life IS pro-woman. 

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