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Asking for a Friend…Does Sen. Warren Know What Pregnancy Resource Centers Do?

Caroline Wharton - 26 Sep 2022

Here’s what you can expect while visiting a pregnancy resource center: pregnancy tests, classes on parenting and adoption, ultrasounds, medical exams, STD testing, material assistance, sexual risk avoidance education, post-abortion recovery support, access to community and public resources, and more — all for free. Doesn’t sound very controversial, right? 

And yet, pro-abortion Senator Elizabeth Warren can’t come to terms with pro-life organizations supporting women and providing life-affirming resources instead of elective abortions. The Senator is now leading the charge to demand information from pregnancy resource centers outlining how they gather, protect, and share personal data of expecting mothers who use their services. 

It’s ironic that there are NO national abortion reporting requirements but Senator Warren and other pro-abortion leaders want to galvanize pregnancy resource centers and allege that they could ‘use data to prosecute women for obtaining elective abortions’ and therefore need to report to the federal government – but we don’t even know the raw number of abortions that are committed each year. Does it get any more hypocritical?  

Supportive services women

Pregnancy resource centers actually seek to HELP women, families, and innocent, preborn babies. Clearly, Senator Warren is unaware of what these centers do as her rhetoric consistently and misleadingly demonizes their work.    

Recently, I was privileged to attend Heartbeat of Miami’s 15th Annual Gala where life-affirming stories of hope were shared and vital funds were privately raised to reach women and children of Miami, Florida. Heartbeat Miami is an affiliate of Heartbeat International, the organization which Senator Warren directed her letter towards.  

At the end of the evening, leaders of Heartbeat Miami brought a 15-year-old girl to the stage to say a few words. She was Heartbeat Miami’s first baby saved 15 years ago when the organization began – they met her mother in a time of need, and she chose life for this young woman. Sen. Warren can use every political tool in her arsenal, but the truth remains that pregnancy resource centers help women and save babies from an unjust death. This 15-year-old girl was a standing example of just that. 

Supportive services women

In fact, pregnancy resource centers are doing far more work to help women than the taxpayer funded abortion vendor Planned Parenthood. These centers outnumber Planned Parenthood by more than 2,000 facilities.  

Here’s why having more of their work and less of Planned Parenthood’s is a really, really good thing: 

  • More than 828,130 unborn babies have been saved through the work of pregnancy resource centers. 
  • Services have been provided to nearly two million patients across the nation at pregnancy resource centers. 
  • Planned Parenthood’s 2020-2021 report showed 383,460 lives were lost to abortions averaging a horrific 1,050 infants lost daily. 
  • Elective abortions are Planned Parenthood’s primary business as Dr. Michael New of the Charlotte Lozier Institute reports over the last year cancer screenings fell by over 30%, well-woman tests fell by 39%, STI tests fell by 17.4%, and pregnancy tests fell by over 14%. 

(CLICK HERE to continue reading about why we don’t need more Planned Parenthood.) 

Supportive services women

The pro-abortion Senator’s letter uses phrases like pregnancy resource centers “luring pregnant people,” yet 76% of women who seek abortion said they would choose life if their circumstances were different. Pregnancy resource centers strive to help improve those circumstances so women CAN become moms or carry a baby to term. 

By offering diapers, clothes, formula, and much more, these centers work to change difficult situations for women and families that so they don’t feel like abortion is their best or only option while empowering them in the places of school, work, or community. 

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has commended Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) and Congressman Chris Smith (NJ-04) for introducing the Protect Pregnancy Care Centers Act of 2022. This bill would require the Biden Administration to publicly disclose how they are handling and investigating the pro-abortion activists who have recently attacked and vandalized pregnancy resource centers

Supportive services women

Rep. Rodgers said, “The violent attacks on pregnancy centers in Washington state and across the country are reprehensible and only endanger and intimidate the women who depend on them for critical medical care, education, and other resources. I believe all extreme and hateful acts of violence should be condemned.”  

Sen. Warren and the Biden Administration have shown they’re not interested in addressing the violence of abortion and violence towards pro-life pregnancy resource centers. They could support critical legislation like the Protect Pregnancy Care Centers Act or national abortion reporting requirements at a baseline to identify just how many elective abortions are committed in the country yearly — yet they choose to funnel their efforts against those seeking positive change.   

CLICK HERE to view free, life-affirming resources in your community with Students for Life of America’s initiative Standing With You, ensuring no woman stands alone in a post-Roe America.  

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