There Is No “Sell By” Date on the Pro-Life Movement Writes SFLAction’s Hawkins & Hamrick; Great Social Change Will Take More Than a Few Weeks Post-Roe

Kristi Hamrick - 21 Sep 2022

“It will take time and great effort to help people see the least among us as valuable, especially after decades of indoctrination into an abortion point of view,” SFLA’s Hawkins & Hamrick write. “This is the job of the pro-life movement. To make a case for the humanity of the preborn and to protect life in law and in service as much as possible, as quickly as possible, wherever possible.” 

WASHINGTON D.C. (09-20-2020) – Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins and Students for Life Action Chief Media & Policy Strategist Kristi Hamrick penned an op-ed up at the Washington Times this week, debunking the games being played by abortion-loving political operatives pretending that a complete legislative agenda should have passed a few days after Roe fell. They write: “As backhanded compliments go; it could be almost flattering that so many in the media and on the political left believed that a total social transformation could take place mere weeks after the end of Roe v. Wade. They must think highly of the pro-life movement and our powers of persuasion. 

“Unless of course, the commentary is just political spin as abortion apologists work to depress pro-life turnout – a consistent force in the ballot box – while shoring up support for abortion, a calculated distraction from President Joe Biden’s economic failures. Call us cynics, but we think it’s option two.” 

Such an idea is historically ignorant and politically expedient, they note, continuing:  

“The day after then President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves, we didn’t have a Black president. The day after the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the vote was ratified, we didn’t have a female Speaker of the House. The day after Roe’s inhumane ruling that disenfranchised preborn human beings was struck down, we didn’t see life protected in law and in service in every state of the union.  

“There is no “sell-by” date on the pro-life movement. Even in the current moment, as legislators consider limits at 15 weeks – almost four months of pregnancy – or when a baby’s heart has begun to beat, the debate is in pro-life territory. Our conversation is not about whether to protect life in the womb but when.” 

Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action is engaged in the long game of political engagement to protect life in law and in service. For more on our nationwide, pro-life efforts, visit us at Students for Life of America or Students for Life Action. 

Another good read, Hawkins’ latest op-ed at RealClearPolitics titled Biden and Allies Betting Voters Like Abortion as Much as They Do. 

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Students for Life Action (SFLAction), a 501c4, along with its 501c3 sister organization, Students for Life of America (SFLA), make up the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization and a political and policy operation engaging people of all ages. Together they work to end abortion — the human rights issue of our day — and provide political, legal, and community support for women and their children, born and preborn. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, SFLA has more than 1,300 groups on middle, high school, college, university, medical, and law school campuses in all 50 states. SFLA creates strategy, policy, and programming to connect those most targeted for abortion with people ready to help and builds a framework for political engagement on their behalf. SFLA and SFLAction have more conversations with those most targeted by the abortion industry than any other pro-life outreach in the world, reaching more than 2 million people across social media platforms each week and engaging in approximately 100,000 digital conversations per month. Over more than 16 years, President Kristan Hawkins has grown SFLAction/SFLA into an $18 million organization preparing for a Post-Roe America. 

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