Peaceful Pro-Lifers Muzzled at Public Library Abortion Event; Told “Not the Time or Place” for Pro-Life Views

Chloe Clark Iowa State University
Caroline Wharton - 21 Sep 2022
Guest post by SFLA California Regional Coordinator Mary-Logan Miske

GUEST POST: The Pro-Life Generation and Students for Life of America (SFLA) will counter abortion extremism wherever it may be, whether that be on college campuses, in the mainstream media, or even at your local library — and that is exactly where SFLA groups in California ended up recently when a San Diego public library hosted a “Shout Your Abortion” event.  

The event featured three pro-abortion authors who had written books affirming the violence of abortion. The authors included Amelia Bonow, who wrote the book “Shout Your Abortion;” Beezus Murphy, who wrote “My Mom Had An Abortion;” and Beezus’s mother Shauna Murphy, who wrote a children’s abortion book called “Maybe a Baby.”  

When SFLA students across the region heard these authors would be present, we sprang into action and mobilized to peacefully counter it. At the library, we set up a table with resources for women in unplanned pregnancies, as well as grief support for women who regretted having abortions. We named our counter-event “Books For Babies” as we passed out pro-life books like Trent Horn’s Persuasive Pro-Life to directly counteract the books pro-abortion present. We had several pleasant interactions and conversations in which a few people came to our table with an open mind and left with facts and resources for our argument which made them re-think their stance on abortion.  

As soon as we set up our table, a police officer came up to us to ensure we were registered for the event, and we stated that we all were. He came back about 10 minutes later to say that although the San Diego Library is public property, we were interfering with the event and would have to leave the property. We moved our table to outside of library property, and some pro-lifers stayed to converse outside while several of us went into the Q&A session. We hoped to share our views, but we wouldn’t be given the chance.  

I thought this would be an appropriate time to share my personal testimony as I wouldn’t be here today if my mother had caved to the pressures from her boyfriend at the time of my conception to have an abortion. When I was handed the microphone to speak, I asked if everyone could stand up if they had a mother who faced a difficult pregnancy. I then asked if they could continue standing if they were alive today because their mother chose life for them despite the difficult pregnancy. When I proceeded to say “I would like to share my story and why I am pro-life,” I was immediately met with an uproar of shame and interruptions, even from the authors. 

When I was told that people were uncomfortable with my question, I responded, “It’s not a question. It’s an experience, and you’re silencing a woman on an experience I have had. I am going to share my story really quick.” The authors responded, “No thanks, next question.” 

I continued to speak, saying, “My mom was pressured into having an abortion. She didn’t have one, and I am here.” One of the authors responded, “If my mom hadn’t had an abortion, I wouldn’t exist.” 

At this point, security came up and asked for us to leave. As we left, Lili North, one of SFLA’s student spokespersons, said, “Shout Your Abortion is silencing women who registered for the event. Shout Your Adoption Story. Shout Your Pro-Life Story.” We concluded by saying, “We are also some of the youngest people here. We came to the event because you all want to have an open dialogue. This is open dialogue.” 

We were escorted out of the event, and a woman afterwards said that we “have a right to an opinion, but this wasn’t the time or place.” Wasn’t it a public event? If we are talking about abortion, shouldn’t all sides of the topic be covered? After being wrongfully silenced after sharing the very reason that I am here today, it should be very clear to us all that the abortion lobby is not pro-women — just pro-abortion. Just pro-killing women.  

After all, when is the ‘right’ time to defend the preborn if not a conversation such as this. 

Our goal was to challenge the narrative and instead of “shouting an abortion story,” we wanted to shout adoption stories. All of the women on the panel had stated that we should be comfortable sharing stories and perspectives yet when it was our turn to share pro-life stories, we were denied. 

This truly shows how the abortion lobby views peaceful discourse; they are so radical about abortion that pro-life opinions can’t ever be treated respectfully. The bottom line is that we have all been privileged enough to be granted the gift of life. Think of it this way: If we asked every person in the world to stand if their mom chose life for them, everyone would stand — so who are we to say someone else shouldn’t live? Everyone deserves the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — and that right extends to especially to the smallest and most vulnerable of us all: the preborn.  

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