The Abortion Lobby Treats Children As A Burden; SFLA Staffer Reminds Us Big Families Are a Blessing

Caroline Wharton - 31 Aug 2022

If you have been on Tik Tok lately, you may have seen the fourteen-member Storm family account blow up because there are a whole lot of them — and since going viral on the app, the mother of the group has spoken out to say that children are life’s greatest blessing. In the face of a pro-abortion narrative that makes children out to be a burden or an entitlement, the Storm family is a refreshing reminder that children are a gift.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) Pacific Southwest Regional Coordinator Jordan Brittain recently spoke out on this topic as she also came from a big family of eleven children. Read her testimony of the joys of a big family below:  

“Growing up in a big family was exciting, to say the least. I remember when it was only seven of us kids: my older sister, my five brothers, and me. Even at that time, our family seemed big, and the house was always an adventure. There was the bustle of getting ready for early morning Mass; the scrounging at meals to get the last of the milk or the biggest piece of whatever was being served; and bedtimes where, for a time, my siblings all shared one room until my dad graciously gave up his office so my sister and I could finally have a girls’ bedroom.  

The Brittain girls

“My mom later suffered a miscarriage, and I remember the heartbreak as we buried little baby Francis together, each of us gathering a rock for his tiny grave. It is one of the most vivid memories of my life, not only because both my parents were weeping and even my youngest siblings were aware that something tragic had happened, but also because I knew that little person would never get to grow up with us in our crazy, wonderful family and to introduce himself as one of the Brittain kids.  

“However, God brings joy and goodness out of even the saddest and most painful of things, and my mom became pregnant with a little girl only a few months later. After five boys in a row, I was overjoyed — at last, another girl! My mother was blessed with three more girls after that, and our family of seven became a family of eleven. The girls had won: six to five.  

“My parents are my heroes for so many reasons, but most of all because of their openness to every child that God gave them and took away. My ten brothers and sisters, who know me better than myself, have made every day sweeter, worthwhile and full of love and laughter.  

“I often hear people say that they had fewer children to make sure every child got the proper attention, time, and love they needed from their parents. I can say from experience, however, that each sibling only multiplies the love in a family and in the lives of each kid. The mutual sharing in joys and sorrows teaches deep love and selflessness — and there are so many more moments to share in precisely because there are so many of us!  

“I know that I might have had more material things as a child if my family were smaller — maybe a weekly allowance, trips to Disneyland, a car at 16, an iPhone, or my own room — but these things pale in comparison to the 10 siblings that are now my best friends. On top of my siblings, I also have new brothers and sisters from my siblings’ marriages, as well as 15 nieces and nephews. All of these people are gifts in my life that give me meaning and almost overwhelm me with pride and joy. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”  

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