Dear Kamala Harris, What About Pro-Life Women?

Caroline Wharton - 10 Aug 2022

While the abortion lobby claims to have women’s best interests at heart and to stand for “women’s empowerment,” they sure have funny way of going about it; in fact, it looks like they care a lot less about actual women than they do abortion. That seems to be the only explanation for why pro-abortion political leadership is promising to protect women yet forgetting about all the attacks and violence on pro-life women.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) Executive Vice President Tina Whittington recently wrote an op-ed on this topic for the Washington Examiner, entitled “Kamala Harris Vows to Address Online Threats and Harassment — Does That Include Protecting Pro-Life Women?” In the  article, she explained how the Vice President of the United States had vowed to further protect women online but doubted her sincerity considering their lack of action whenever it comes to a pro-lifer. She wrote,  

Kamala Harris announced a new task force

“This summer, Vice President Kamala Harris announced a new task force to address online harassment and threats. Harris and other abortion supporters have called for protecting women especially from threats and intimidation. The Pro-Life Generation’s question for Harris: Do these protections include pro-life women?”  

Whittington stated that since the reversal of Roe v. Wade through the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, “abortion supporters have unleashed unprecedented attacks on pro-lifers, both in person and online.” These attacks have included numerous vandalizations — or even fire bombings — of pregnancy resource centers and pro-life churches, attempts to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice, and countless threats against pro-lifers in general.  

Kamala Harris announced a new task force

As the SFLA Executive Vice President, Whittington has witnessed the extreme hostility of the abortion lobby up close and personal. This has included nasty threats made both to her face and others sent anonymously online — some of which are credible enough to warrant alerting the authorities and all of which are decidedly not empowering women. In her op-ed, she included the stories of two SFLA staffers who have also repeatedly borne the brunt of abortion supporters’ rage: SFLA Project Supervisor Autumn Schimmer and SFLA Social Media Coordinator Lauren Marlowe.  

In her article, Whittington explains how Schimmer and Marlowe have grown accustomed to hateful threats. Schimmer found that the “intensity of threats we’ve received online have significantly increased” since Roe’s reversal, and Marlowe gave examples of such comments, including “I hope you get raped so you can practice what you preach,” and, “If I ever see you pregnant, I’m going to shove you down a flight of stairs.”  

Kamala Harris announced a new task force
Abortion supporter that threatened Marlowe recently at the Supreme Court

Unfortunately, threats don’t just stay online; sometimes, they are acted on in public. Whittington recounted that Schimmer was punched in the face by an abortion supporter during her first week with SFLA, and Marlowe experienced an encounter recently as well that may have ended the same way had no bodyguards been present.  

It is a sad reality for our constitutional republic that pro-life women cannot assemble to be the voice for the voiceless without worrying about such dangers. It’s also a serious backstep for feminism in our country where people are engaging in and encouraging such hostile behavior towards pro-life women that we are now intimidated merely because we’re speaking up.  

Kamala Harris announced a new task force

Whittington quoted Marlowe’s accurate take on this, saying: “They [pro-abortion feminists] call themselves pro-woman yet waste no time when it comes to attacking women who don’t bow to their agenda. If you attack women because they don’t support abortion, you are clearly pro-abortion, not pro-woman.” 

Unfortunately, we have not seen pro-abortion Vice President Kamala Harris work to protect pro-life women so far — but that won’t stop us from calling for protective action to be taken. If pro-abortion politicians are going to promise to protect women, they need to protect all women: those who are pro-life, pro-abortion, and preborn.  

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