It’s National Pro-Life Sidewalk Day; Join Us in a Unique Way to Serve Women Today!

Caroline Wharton - 06 Aug 2022

Today, just a little more than a month after the reversal of Roe v. Wade, the Post-Roe Generation is gathering outside of abortion facilities across the nation to cover sidewalks in life-affirming messages and offer abortion-seeking women resources on choosing life. If you don’t have plans today (or if you just want to change them), you should join us in on the frontlines for a unique way to sidewalk counsel. Here’s what pro-lifers around the country will be up to:

We will be decorating the sidewalks in front of abortion facilities with colorful, life-affirming messages to remind mothers that they don’t need abortion to succeed and that life is sacred and beautiful. Members of the Pro-Life Generation who signed up in advance will also be handing out Standing With You blessing bags: bags full of informational cards (on when life begins; Abortion Pill Reversal treatment; etc.), a No Woman Stands Alone t-shirt, a hand-written letter, and other gifts for the mother such as lotions and chap sticks.

National Pro-Life Chalk Day Fall 2022

If you decide to participate in National Pro-Life Sidewalk Day with us today (and we hope you do), here’s a good list of things to remember while you are out publicly witnessing for life.

  • Be peaceful, helpful, goal-oriented
  • Smile and be pleasant
  • Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings
  • Have compassion
  • Know the literature you have in your hand
  • Back up what you say
  • Show each woman that you care about her, not just the child
  • Speak clearly and loudly enough to hear 
  • Do not yell
  • Do not display unapproachable body language (crossing arms, grumpy expression, etc.)
  • Do not block the woman’s walking path
  • Do not be aggressive
  • Do not evangelize
  • Do not goof around
  • Do not touch the person – be respectful of personal space
  • Do not break the law (e.g. don’t touch the front door, respect property lines, etc.)
  • Do not carry signs if you’re counseling. Stick to in-hand literature.  
National Pro-Life Chalk Day Fall 2022
Not Sure What Messages to Chalk?
  • You Are Loved
  • Need Resources? Check Out
  • You Can Do It, Mama
  • Women Deserve Better Than Abortion
  • Every Life is Valuable
  • Pro-Life, Pro-Woman
  • Life is Precious
  • How Can There Be Too Many Children? That is Like Saying There Are Too Many Flowers (a Mother Teresa quote)

If you plan to sidewalk chalk today, click HERE to let us know you’re participating — and don’t forget to share photos of your artwork and messages online to further spread the pro-life message!

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