Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Winners of SFLA’s End of Year Awards!

Caroline Wharton - 26 Jun 2022

Bring out the confetti because the results for Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) End of Year Awards and the Christian Schools Standing With You Scholarship are finally in, and we are so excited to share them with you. Each year, we nominate and award our top school groups for Best New Group, Best College Group, and Best High School Group. The Christian Schools Standing with You Initiative also sets out to recognize the amazing work that Students for Life of America (SFLA) groups at Christian schools are doing to serve their pregnant and parenting peers on campus.  

The top three groups won a $1,500 Christian Schools Standing With You scholarship that will go to a pregnant or parenting student on their campus. They will also be awarded a stipend for up to $500 for the group’s activities during the upcoming year to support their pro-life activism. Drumroll please; here are our special winners:  

Best New Group: Students for Life at Southeastern University 

The Students for Life at Southeastern just began in the Fall of 2021, but their group is already making waves on campus and in the community. In their first year, the group became official partners with their local pregnancy resource center, babysat consistently for women in unplanned pregnancies, participated in the Florida Heartbeat Bill petition signing, and so much more—all as a freshman group.

Click HERE to learn more about what Students for Life at Southeastern did last year.  

Best College Group: Penn State SFLA at The University of Pennsylvania  

The Penn State SFLA group has existed for many years on the campus of Pennsylvania State University, but has recently expanded their group’s activity and outreach in the last two years. Their group of more than 40 active students regularly volunteers in the community by sidewalk counseling, making meals for pregnancy resource centers, canvassing, and attending local life chains.  

Click HERE to learn more about what Penn State SFLA did last year.  

Best High School Group: The Lions for Life at La Salette Academy  

The Lions for Life, an SFLA group at the La Salette Academy boarding school, is passionately helmed by two student leaders, the headmaster, and priest mentor. The group was built from the ground up over the last year and now boasts 80 club members who are actively involved. Their group consistently holds apologetic training events, volunteer events, and they participate in the important legislative side to pro-life activism, as well.  

Click HERE to learn more about what the Lions for Life did last year.  

Christian School SWY Scholarship Winner: The “Ravens Respect Life” at Benedictine College 

The Benedictine “Ravens Respect Life” group does sidewalk advocacy, door knocking, the National Pro-Life March, diaper drives, financial gifts to pregnant & parenting students, resource literature distribution, public policy work in support of their state’s Value Them Both Amendment. In addition to that impressive list, they have a sizable stash of diapers, formula, blankets, and other materials in a storage unit that are ready to be given to a family in need at a moment’s notice.  

Click HERE to learn more about what else Benedictine College did last year.  

Christian School SWY Scholarship Winner: The “Celts For Life” at the University of St. Thomas  

Celts for Life started an annual scholarship in 2018 that aims to help young parents at the University of St. Thomas and support their academic success as they have chosen life for their child. To date, the Celts for Life have awarded $22,000 in total to 30 parents at the University of St. Thomas. Additionally, they bring speakers to campus, host donation drives, witness outside of Planned Parenthood, and more.  

Click HERE to learn more about what else the University of St. Tomas- Houston group did last year.  

Christian School SWY Scholarship Winner: Ave Maria SFLA at Ave Maria University 

The amazing students at Ave Maria University have created a safe haven for pregnant and parenting students with their Campus Care Initiative. Their vision is to form a campus culture that empowers every mother and father to embrace life for their child and to support them in continuing their education while celebrating every life – no matter the circumstances.    

Click HERE to learn more about what else the Ave Maria University group did last year.  

Thank You For Voting  

We greatly appreciate everyone who helped us decide which of our amazing groups deserved these scholarships and for all participating campuses. Your vote helped us to support pregnant and parenting students across the nation at these Christian institutions—and we can’t wait to see how our groups support families in unplanned pregnancies in the upcoming school year.  

Until then, consider sending these life-affirming groups your support via congratulations on social media. In a time where our pro-life work is debased and despised, every word of encouragement from one pro-lifer to another makes a great difference. We must all stand together in order to stand with those who are preyed upon by the abortion industry.  

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