It’s Opposite Day in Headline Writing at The Hill

Caroline Wharton - 25 Jun 2022

When it comes to the abortion lobby, you should always think twice, especially when they’re presenting you with “the facts.” Considering that they cannot agree on the basic questions of what a woman is and who can get pregnant, their authority on anything is pretty much shot, and a great example of their dubious credibility was recently on display at The Hill. If you happened to be skimming headlines on their site, you may have been confused by an odd one that reeks of editorial bias. Let’s discuss what we can learn from this underhanded headline:  

Upside Down Reporting  

The Hill article, written by Zach Schonfeld, is entitled, “Almost One-Third Say Abortion Ban Would Make State Less Desirable As A Place to Live: Poll.” Schonfeld was reporting on a new USA Today-Suffolk poll, and while his facts there certainly are correct, his title seems a little skewed. After all, isn’t it even more noteworthy when that statistic is turned on its head? 

americans don't like abortion bans

The poll found that six in ten of those polled said that Roe v. Wade being overturned would not affect the desirability of their state, and 5% of the group actually said that it would make their state even more desirable—but that doesn’t fit well with the pro-abortion narrative, does it?  

In addition, this poll also found that almost 80% of participants said that the reversal of Roe v. Wade would not affect their likelihood to vote—which is utterly contrary to what many pro-abortion politicians have been threatening if the leaked Dobbs v. Jackson brief is the final draft. (Which we now know is true!) 

Both statistics clearly show that the majority of Americans are not gung-ho over Roe, and yet Schonfeld’s inappropriate title still dons this article—why? It all has to do with an intentional narrative. Clearly, Schonfeld chose to highlight the fact that some Americans (albeit a smaller demographic) do support Roe because he wanted to portray the poll in a pro-abortion light—even though the overwhelmingly significance of the poll is that more Americans don’t care for the 1973 decision.  

americans don't like abortion bans
That’s Just How The Abortion Lobby Rolls  

Unfortunately, such shady maneuvering of the facts (or even downright dismissal of them) is the abortion lobby’s bread and butter. We see this consistently with abortion supporters and pro-abortion politicians who tell half-truths or spin outright falsehoods, and they love to twist a good poll to their own advantage—but the truth of the matter is that the polls do not favor the abortion lobby.  

Just like the USA Today-Suffolk poll, the majority of polls actually show that Americans are more pro-life than the media will let on. For example, as indicated by the poll, many Americans do not like Roe v. Wade because they support limits on abortion. Additionally, while pro-abortion politicians will lie and tell you otherwise (cough, cough Rep. Pramila Jayapal), Americans don’t like their taxes to fund abortions here or overseas.  

americans don't like abortion bans

(To see more extensive polling showing that Americans are not in favor of extremist abortion policies, click HERE.)  

Stay Wary of The Woke  

The abortion lobby is trying their hardest to keep their claws in the American people, and one of the ways they are doing that is through a calculated narrative. Americans and the Pro-Life Generation need to be vigilant against their agenda, keeping an eye out for pro-abortion framed stories such as Schonfeld’s and staying informed on what’s really happening.  

Want a pro-tip? The Students for Life of America (SFLA) blog is a great place to start and subscribing to Kristan Hawkins’ podcast will give you weekly information to fight the pro-abortion argument!  

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