Sexual Abusers Use Abortion Drugs on Victims; These Are Their Stories

Caroline Wharton - 27 May 2022

Despite warnings from pro-lifers and victims about abusers abusing their victims with Chemical Abortion pills, the abortion lobby continues to throw these life-ending pills into society like candy at a parade and deny that any harm comes of it—but they can’t deny real stories of the abuse. A recent case blew up in the news of a married civil servant in the United Kingdom who laced his pregnant mistress’s drink with the abortion drug to protect his double life; let’s discuss this sickening case.  

 Abusers Misuse Abortion Drugs Secretly:  

Home Office official Darren Burke met his mistress Laura Slade in a nightclub, and the two began having an affair. Soon after, Slade found out she was pregnant, and she told Burke on November 16th, 2020—but that’s when the red flags began appearing.  

Upon learning that she was pregnant, Burke immediately began to text her links to different abortion facilities and encourage her to abort their child. He told Slade that their baby would make things bad for both of them, implying the total inconvenience of the child and stating that he already had a child, a wife, and his father who was in the hospital at the time.  

However, Slade began discussing their child with her sister, and through their discussions, she decided she would keep the baby and break off the relationship with Burke—but Burke wasn’t finished with her or their child yet. On December 4th, he said he would be dropping by her apartment and offered to bring her a coffee; a gesture he had never offered before and one that made Slade grow concerned. She refused his offer.  

Slade said, “I had an instant gut feeling that something was not right. I thought, why does he want to pop over and why does he want to bring me a drink when he hasn’t before? He has always been very particular about his coffee and I always have it in my house.”  

She would come to find her concern was duly warranted.  

Upon coming to her home, Slade stated that Burke was “very flustered” and kept walking about. She found him to be “overly jolly,” and when he disappeared into the kitchen and brought back one glass of water and one of orange juice, he said he made orange juice for her since she wasn’t feeling well. Slade told him she wasn’t going to drink it and asked him to leave. He again asked if she would drink the orange juice, and when she refused to, he dumped it down the sink and left.  

Slade said, “I waited for him to leave, locked the door and then ran to the sink. I needed to check that glass. I just knew something was wrong but I did not want to believe it.’  

She continued saying that there was “white stuff all around it [the glass] and when I looked at the bottom, I could see it sitting there. I thought it was washing powder, but I did not use that, I used liquid. I stuck my finger in it I thought, it’s definitely granules.’ 

When Slade got the glass tested, traces of mifepristone—the first of the two drugs used in a Chemical Abortion—were found, and Burke has since admitted to buying the drug and crushing it in her apartment, although he denies an intent to kill their preborn child.  

Unfortunately, cases of abusers misusing Chemical Abortion pills are very real. Check out  more below:  

With many cases of Chemical Abortion pills being  used by abusers, Students for Life Action (SFLAction) Government Affairs Coordinator Brooke Paz has reported that this issue is one that resonates with legislators. She said:  

“When lobbying against Chemical Abortion on Capitol Hill, this is one of the most important points we can make because this concern connects with people because it transcends personal opinions on abortion. If someone claims to be “pro-choice,” forcing a woman to have an abortion is a violation of her choice. 

“No abuser should be empowered with easily accessible Chemical Abortion pills to kill a preborn baby he doesn’t want to exist, leaving the mother with the trauma and shame of what she may perceive to be a miscarriage, as well as the potential adverse effects on her health. We should all be willing to fight against that.”  

As the abortion lobby pushes Chemical Abortion as their Post-Roe plan, Students for Life of America (SFLA) and SFLAction will remain strong in the fight against these dangerous, life-ending drugs. The Pro-Life Generation can join SFLAction in the battle by telling their congressmen to say NO to Chemical Abortion pills by clicking HERE

To watch a video on the risks of Chemical Abortion pills to mothers, click HERE 

To read an op-ed by SFLA President Kristan Hawkins on this topic at the Daily Caller, click HERE 

To learn more about Abortion Pill Reversal, click HERE.   

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