Big Problems, Dumb Answers: How the Left Wants to “Solve” Homelessness & Sex Trafficking

Caroline Wharton - 24 May 2022

It can be disheartening to see the different issues which our country is unfortunately plagued with (abortion being at the forefront), but it can also be equally comical to see what the Left comes up with to try and “solve” these issues. More often than not, it seems as though their solutions are only band-aids that don’t fix the problem or even worse, exaggerators which augment the problem—and their latest solutions for homelessness and prostitution are just that. Prepare to cringe at these problematic ideas that can only make things worse:  

Breaking, Entering & Squatting 

In response to the homelessness crisis, a Democratic congressional candidate has decided that the proper remedy is breaking into empty homes—yes, that’s right. A hopeful government representative is prescribing criminal behavior. Rebecca Parson, a member of the Democratic Socialists for America, is running to represent Washington’s 6th Congressional District, and a recent campaign video featured Parson outlining her illicit idea.  

In the video, Parson is pictured living in her car and eying an empty home that appears to have gone into foreclosure. She reaches into her backseat, grabs some tools, and breaks into the home before inviting all Americans to do the same. Parson says,  

“Billionaires tell us, ‘You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.’ Well, f*ck that. They want you depressed and hopeless…Imagine I proposed a Housing For All bill in Congress, then imagine you, me, and a million of our friends took action and occupied empty houses nationwide. They couldn’t ignore us.”  

It’s pretty unbelievable to see such blatantly lawless behavior publicly advertised in a political campaign, but it does appear that many people are not taking Parson’s run very seriously (gee, we wonder why?). Many have also taken to roasting the campaign video, particularly on Parson’s assertion that she did everything right (including getting a Master’s degree) but still ended up homeless.  

rebecca parson

One Twitter user called out Parson for deflecting responsibility, “Many people go to college, then further their education with a Master’s degree, PhD, and more and do just fine. Instead of attempting to blame the system maybe you should reflect on your choices. Don’t be so vague. What was your degree in? Did you choose the right career path?” 

Abortion: Making Sex Trafficking That Much Easier 

An article from Insider recently bemoaned the fact that the reversal of Roe v. Wade and subsequent abortion bans may make it more difficult for “sex workers” to continue using abortion as a means to continue “their livelihoods.” The article absolutely dismissed the problem of prostitution while promoting the problem of abortion. There is so much wrong going on with this “solution.”  

rebecca parson

Prostitution and sex trafficking cannot be considered victimless crimes and certainly not a “livelihood.” The core problem with these two issues is that humans (and females in particular) are used in dehumanizing, abusive ways as mere sex objects, regardless of whether a sexual encounter is considered  voluntary or not. 

To condone prostitution and sex trafficking is bad enough—but to try and propagate these issues through abortion? That’s even worse. It’s almost like saying that initiatives which seek to stop the production of illegal drugs will be bad for drug dealers’ livelihoods so we should just make it easier to access illegal drugs. That solution clearly makes no sense because we should seek to curb illegal drug dealing instead of propping it up through greater access to illegal drugs . In the same way, our society should work toward helping people out of “sex work” instead of propping up sex work through another evil: abortion.  

rebecca parson

However,  this Insider article did do a great job of exposing how abortion is the key to sex trafficking as pimps turn toward the abortion industry to keep their human stock on the shelf as inevitable pregnancies are very bad for business. To learn more about this, click HERE.  

We Need Real Solutions Not Agendas  

Whether it’s homelessness, prostitution, or abortion, we need to make sure our solutions are ethical and are actually going to fix the problem—and that’s why Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) are committed to truly protecting life in law and service. SFLAction pursues pro-life laws and legislators that will seek to affirm life in policy, and SFLA strives to provide communities with real assistance through service initiatives like Standing With You.  

rebecca parson

We are presenting and implementing real solutions to real problems—but we can’t say the same the abortion lobby and the Left, unfortunately. Promoting crime and the unethical killing of children as “solutions” just doesn’t make the cut.  

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