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Shameful Abortion Mentality Eliminates Potential Sufferers Rather than Deals with Suffering

Caroline Wharton - 17 May 2022

Did you know that quality adjusted life years (QALY) is an analysis used in Federal programs to put a dollar figure on a year of healthy life? Public and private health insurers use QALY to determine cost-effectiveness, a disproportionate form of discrimination towards disabled or chronically ill individuals.  

Similar to the abortion mindset, QALY is a method to justify getting rid of inconvenient people—and that’s simply not acceptable for the Pro-Life Generation. Recently, reports from Canada reveal devastating stories from two chronically ill Canadians who chose physician-assisted suicide because their lack of disability support led to suffering greater than what people should have to endure.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) has long advocated for protecting the most vulnerable citizens, inside and outside of the womb. Physician-assisted suicide is a key issue for the pro-life movement as we fight to protect life in law and in service from conception to natural death.  

Now, it appears that Canada’s socialized medicine is allowing the poor to fade away. “Another woman, known as Denise, has also applied to end her life after being unable to find suitable housing and struggling to survive on disability payments,” The Guardian reported.  

When discussing the math behind how drug prices depend on how much health a drug, or treatment, restores to a sick patient, SFLA President Kristan Hawkins wrote, “Advocates of socialized medicine have used deadly formulas to decide who lives and who dies, including people like my children who have genetic conditions that will require care for them to thrive.” 

Hawkins also tweeted, “The abortion industry has normalized putting a dollar amount on the value of a human life. We will not stand by silently as government’s attempt to do the same.” 

SFLAction supported the Protecting Health Care For All Patients Act which aims to prevent discrimination against Americans with disabilities by expanding the prohibition on QALY which as we see in Canada can be abused.  

Hawkins noted that QALY creates a dangerous risk for everyone because at some point we will come to the end of our days. She stated that being weak, disabled, or in need of regular care should not be an automatic death sentence at the hands of a cost-cutting bureaucrat with a calculator.  

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