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After Formula Shortage, The Term “Pro-Birth” Had Better Disappear

Brenna Lewis - 17 May 2022

Formula factories unnecessarily shut down, supply chain issues unexplored, empty shelves, and panicked parents. And what is our current administration doing about the critical formula shortage America faces right now? In between shouting down from their ivory castles that “pro-lifers don’t care about babies after they’re born,” working overtime to mandate taxpayer-funded abortion through all nine months everywhere they can, and taking what formula rations remain out of the hands of Americans and handing them over to non-citizens… that answer is: Nothing.  

formula shortage

Formula Shortage? Try More Abortion

In fact, what they’re doing is actually worse than doing nothing. On top of the doing nothing, the Biden Admin sent Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen out during a Senate Banking Committee hearing about a week after the Roe v. Wade decision leak to talk about the economy – and what she did instead was speak the whole time about how we need to kill more children in abortions in order to fix our economy. Think ‘ancient pagans sacrificing children to bring about good crop harvests,’ with that exact amount of science (or lack thereof) and striking similarities in the level of cruelty inflicted in the quest to solve a problem that can’t actually be solved by killing kids. 

Yellen specifically noted during the hearing ‘that research has shown that Roe v. Wade had a favorable impact on the well-being of children.’ Presumably, she was not taking into account the 65-ish million children who have been killed by abortion in America since Roe was handed down in 1973. Outcomes for them have proven bleak.  

The accusation that anti-abortion advocates are not “pro-life, only pro-birth” has always been ridiculous, given that pro-lifers are the primary purveyors of authentic support for families and make up the bulk of adoptive parents. More on responding to the ‘pro-birth’ argument here. After this formula shortage fiasco – Democrats failing so hard at getting food to starving babies, then suggesting we need more abortion so no one goes hungry – they had better have the common sense to finally do away with that talking point once and for all. To keep that pitiful line in circulation would be tone-deaf and just plain embarrassing.   

Even if we did live in a nation of rampant poverty or hunger (which we don’t), the solution is not killing the people who may suffer. That strategy by abortion supporters, to accuse us of “forced birth” and the like, has the goal of putting us on the defense. Sadly, it often works. But it is not a moral high ground to promote killing potential sufferers as an alternative to solving problems that cause suffering. Watch a video on killing sufferers vs. eliminating suffering below… 

In the midst of the baby formula shortage crisis, our Standing With You Initiative is hosting a baby item drive for the entire month of May. Up to 40% of American stores are without baby formula, so if you live in an area that still has formula on the shelves, you can help support families in areas of need by participating in our donation drive or asking your nearest pregnancy center directly what you can do to help.   

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